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The Knowledge Officer is now live!

I am pleased to announce that Knowledge Officer is now live and public for beta testing.

We launched KO to be the main knowledge source for people working in startups whether they are engineers, founders, designers, marketers, product managers or basically in any role within a startup.

We want the startup gurus to stay knowledgeable without losing a huge amount of time to find the best content and filter it out from the noise. It’s now very easy for anyone to write a blog on the most sophisticated machine learning algorithm. While this is amazing, it makes it really hard (and gets harder every day) to differentiate between what is worth your time and what’s not, what’s spam and what’s genuine. Knowledge Officer exists to separate signal from noise!

We have been working tirelessly the past few weeks to collect feedback on the private beta and we received numerous inputs from different people around the world. Now, we are releasing it for the wider audience to gain more and more feedback after loads of improvements we have made.


KO is not about NEWS, we focus on the life-changing, deep and timeless knowledge that gets you ahead of the curve! We differentiate between Knowledge and News and we also differentiate between Low-quality Knowledge and Hard-earned Knowledge. We are hoping that everything you read on KO should take you a step further and deepen your knowledge more and more.

We focus on 3 main categories that cover the wide range of knowledge we think is needed in startups:


The best articles and videos from top engineering teams in startups and fortune 500 companies. This category is suitable for Engineers, DevOps and System Admins.

Startups & Business:

Hard-earned lessons around startups and business from top leaders and experienced founders. This category is suitable for Founders, Growth, Sales and Marketing teams.

Product & Design:

Carefully curated content for Product Managers, Product Designers, UI and Graphic designers and every startup member interested to hear about the product and design trends and concepts

We started with the existing knowledge on the web which was carefully written and hard to find, because we believe virality is not always correlated with quality but our vision goes beyond just aggregating these pieces of content.

You will hear from us more in the upcoming weeks about our plan to be the Knowledge Hub for Startups around the world and how we aim to connect startups to share their experience and face their amazing challenges together.

“We believe that every company in the world needs a platform for knowledge discovery to work smarter, faster and share their experience”

We hope you enjoy your knowledge discovery journey with us and we are waiting for your feedback to keep improving the product.

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