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In case, you’re among those young ones, getting ready to set foot on that track of self discovery and all-round personality development, this might be just the piece for you to go through before you dive into your next chore. Maybe you’re in your high school years, or just started with college or might even be getting done with your graduation shortly to step out in this world of uncertainties and endless opportunity.

As someone who has recently been through all of this, we’d like to take this opportunity to put forth a few facts. We live in a highly competitive world, where just being good at something on paper is never enough. In order to succeed as a professional, you don’t just need to be the first in the queue. By the looks of it, you might need to start a new one. Simply because the older ones are simply too chaotic to stand now. How do we stand out then?

Innovation — That dreaded category everyone is expected to perform in.
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Remember those debate competitions, where you were appreciated for your quick thinking? Or maybe that hackathon, where your mentor gave you extra marks for building something out of the box? Kudos to those who can respond affirmatively. They’re already ahead of the rest of the crew. The crew however, can catch up if they tweak their game just a tiny bit.

It is tough to start today than it was yesterday, but it is easier to start today than it will be tomorrow.

It’s a simple three-step process. First, look for your interests and embrace your qualities. Second, polish these qualities to the optimal level. Third, don’t shy away from trying things out and building yourself in other dimensions too.

Interested in the software development but don’t know where to start from? Well, we are here with our HackSociety Student Associate (HSA) Program, a platform to give you that window of exposure to the developer world. We aim to bring the real world into learning spaces, create opportunities for the budding talent and help them through their journey.

HSA is an effort to provide you with that necessary boost to kick-start your journey from a newbie to an experienced professional, by preparing you for the industry with the help of a few leaders in the field of technology. We intend to cultivate an environment of learning by building.

As the saying goes,

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

However, being technically inclined is not a necessity for our student associates, as we need a team of top-notch orators, efficient organisers and technology enthusiasts to make this a success.

What more do we have to offer?

  • Influence (Grow your network among the developers.)
  • Ingest (Enhance your tech-related knowledge through talks by technology experts)
  • Shine (Build an image in your college.)
  • Step up (Add the best technology startups of India to your network.)
  • Synthesize (Host events and get over the stage-fright.)
  • Goodies (And obviously get a lot of swag)
Applications so far…

Until now, we have received applications from 51 distinct technical colleges, ranging across 13 states of the nation. However, we intend to make this even bigger with a whole-hearted support from you. Share this post among your friends and register to ensure your seat at the table.

The last day to apply for the program in 31st July 2018, which gives you just about 24 more hours to decide whether you would like to take the road less taken.

Find all the related details here:- https://hacksociety.tech/hsa

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