The Get-Rich-Quick Schemes in the Cryptoverse by@chel_ash

The Get-Rich-Quick Schemes in the Cryptoverse

Getting Rich has never been easier in my Perspective along with my Time here on Earth AND by Applying guidelines which Anyone can follow if they have the desire to get rich, also acknowledging to learn a few things (Most obviously Tech such as, Blockchain, Dapps, and Binance)
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Getting Rich has never been easier in my Perspective along with my Time here on Earth AND by Applying guidelines which Anyone can follow if they have the desire to get rich, also acknowledging to learn a few things (Most obviously Tech such as, Blockchain, Dapps, and Binance)

What exactly am I talking about? - Getting rich from the Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, NFTs, Play2Earn, and Metaverse Space”, call it whatever, but you get the drift.

What was in my mind about 2 weeks ago was absolutely crazy (Not to imagine, just the idea of it). I was thinking back to my final years in high school. Back when we were all working very hard, learning a lot, studying repeatedly, respecting our teachers, and striving for the future, Our end goal? - To get rich, achieve our goals using applied skills.

Now I realize that it’s a fucking long road, and here in Africa(where I stay) NO doubt that road might be longer!. And it's not me trying to be biased but it’s simply this:

When there are more obstacles, limitations, basic necessities unmet that stand in the way, It perhaps takes you twice the time to first plow through those hurdles, then advance into the world of opportunities before you can STRIKE!.

Then, I became Overjoyed when I thought about the current state of things in the Blockchain Space, especially the “budding metaverse”, In relation to its effect on Youngsters across the world as I was back in high school. Incredibly, it turns out that the VALUE of Being Rich is actually on a downward trend. ANYONE can get rich, and also in the best ways possible;

  • POINT 1: It is fully Legal
  • POINT 2: The Resources are Equally Scalable to Everyone, Anywhere
  • POINT 3: You can create things of Value for someone, a community, or the World.

The Get-Rich-Quick-Parody

Most Certainly, this is a scheme that has NEVER appealed to people throughout history, because we feel that Riches should Equal Efforts. Well, since everyone is entitled to share an opinion, I'm gonna give mine - What do people have to say about the current state of things in Blockchain & The Metaverse? How can you judge who becomes Rich and how fast they achieve that status?, Well You Can't!.

I see us more like Gamblers, betting our time, and investments on chances of the future. And if those bet scores?, There are Some Winners and Of course Losers - And I do applaud them for that, even the overnight riches.

Well, What about the Losers?

The real issue would be if you were a ”complete” loser, which only happens IF you stacked all your eggs in ONE SINGLE Basket. In some situations, One might need to do just that. But soon or later, that loser should have learned - “Stake all your eggs in a basket you can control, not a completely randomized outcome basket.”

Also Remember that this issue isn’t any different from Almost every industry Currently in the world, it is usually ONLY more visible. When there are winners - we see them everywhere and hear them a lot, And Losers - we also hear them. For example; the mainstream way of crypto enthusiasts tweeting about their successful and failing deeds on Twitter, IT IS NORM!.

Few Points of Supporting Assessments

  • The Crypto Industry is More Balanced than Any Skill/Finance based out there IMO (Everyone is Given a Chance)
  • We are all gambling with Information, Ideas and Chances shaped by future events
  • There are Winners and Losers, Like every other industry out there, Why crack over the Winners?

In reality, the One Thing that would be a bother if I became an overnight success, would be how to forget about all that money and continue to achieve my dreams. LOL, everything else is taken care of, isn't it? At the end of the day, that's my problem, not yours. BUT, I hope you get the idea here!.

My Experience with Shitcoins

I've spent my fair share of time deliberating on the best way to increase my returns on investment. I like to feel that I can outsmart some systems and if I think hard enough, I can find a loophole that would scale my investments. Although, I’ve been reminded on and on, that NO such thing exists - at least in plain view for me to find. The Usual route is what suffices to grow your Investments, such as; Higher Investments, Compounding Tokens, Mooning Prices, etc.

Well, Think Again, because Shitcoins are in Plain Sight and they Definitely tell a different Story. Mid Last Year, during the massive Bullish run of Cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin rounding off the Year with a New ATH (All-Time High) at $69K, was also when Shiba Inu, the Most Popular Shitcoin Scaled Massively in both Volume Traded and Accounts Holding. This series of events spurred on lots of Articles from Crypto Enthusiasts as expected, to my Browser Recommendations. Some were excited about the Progress in Shiba, while others were still Dismissive of this Shitcoin.

Take as Example, the Following Narratives:

Shiba Inu doubled its price on May 7, 2021. I was introduced to the Crypto Space in April 2021. As it was, Shiba doubled right under my nose, and I sadly wasn't invested in it. This same event happened around October 7, and I was left thinking if 7 is not the prized number and getting ready for the next couple of monthly 7's. Well, just getting into the Crypto space, I yet didn't take my chance; Lack of familiarity and confidence in using the Platform Exchanges in Question.

ShibaInu Price Chart from CoinMarketCap

If I was invested during those two doubling events, I'm seriously gonna be on a different level right now. I would have been a winner, but does that mean some other folks might have lost? - that's NOT the most likely event, Because, “At the point where I'm selling off some coins(to turn a profit), others would be buying and ‘maybe’ go on to sell at a future doubling event(2x in value) of Shiba Inu, when more people at yet still buying”. Now, that’s a different perspective!.

Dogecoin was(is) a Shitcoin too. Literally, it was developed to be a meme and people were (back when it was worthless) invested crazily in it. Now there are several Crypto services that facilitate payment with Doge and very Reputable companies accepting Doge as Payment, and all of a sudden, it makes sense and is no Longer a Shitcoin?.

My Summary is: The Crypto Industry has taught me that people can get rich in Crazy new ways, it's a rule we should all keep in mind as we interact in the space. The Borderline between Useful, and Useless are actually very grey areas. Furthermore, We shouldn't confuse Useless Use cases with Useful Products. A lot of Cryptocurrencies, Digital Currencies, and Infrastructure slap a use-case on their models but in reality, this doesn't help to solve any existing problem and is literally bland, I can't mention names, because they are everywhere.

The reason your preppy neighbor hates crypto is because it isn't a conventional space like what we all learned in school, so WHY do we try to force it to be?

The Metaverse: Fasten Your Seat-Belts

The Metaverse has been used to mean many things, I use it to mean The Entire Blockchain Space and things Built on Top of it (for my own peace of mind). It seems like the proper collective name for it, Not so?

Coming right off from Shitcoins, I want to portray an idea of how people view the Metaverse;

The Metaverse consists of ways to make money from home, Play2Earn Gaming, NFTs as an Artist/Collector, Buying and Selling Crypto, and many other Distinctive features it offers us.

As an Active Researcher of Metaverse Products, During one of my Sessions on DappRadar, I came across the Most Ridiculous Blockchain Gaming Token I’ve seen yet in the Blockchain Gaming Space. Imagine this, A Play2Earn game called CryptoMines which ranked on DappRadar as Number 3 on Average Users in 24 hours, Surprisingly above Axie Infinity(Back in September 2021). I decided to check it out, and maybe become an Early Adopter?.. And I discovered Something Absolutely Crazy; Just in Early September, the CryptoMines Token which was called ‘Eternal’ was trading at 0.4 dollars, this Value Scaled to over 800 Dollars, less than 2 months later in November!.

This exceeds what we refer to as Mind-Boggling, it just stands to Solidify the Current Stance of Metaverse & Shitcoins Space

Those who invested in CryptoMines are massive winners already. The same can be said for the most Influential Blockchain Game Today, Axie Infinity when it’s community hit a Wave of activity that increased it’s Value 10x. And that's how the trend has been for Most Play2Earn Games, just a subset of our Entire Metaverse Space. What can we call this?

Generally, we can see that it’s a similar process Everywhere Gain is to be Made in Blockchain space, whether it's in Shitcoins or Metaverse Ecosystems.

Luck, Goals, AND Riches

This post is purely designed by me as a logical, and at the same time, intuitive Story, hence I do not want it to divert from that notion. But I feel that I should support the opinions I've shared above, so as not to be Misjudged or Misguiding for YOU.

You see, In almost everything that we do, I believe there's a certain amount of Luck that acts along with that action, either in or against our favor

For Instance; When I talked about Investing in Shitcoins, What I did not mention is that they are extremely risky investments to indulge in. The fair idea is that these coins can literally be dumped anytime since they have no use case. There are lots of pump-n-dump Shitcoin projects around, by these I mean; Crypto Projects that purposefully create Awareness and Hype on their Projects with the Aim of Selling Massive amounts when its price Scales.

On the other hand, we can also see lots of Rug pulls Play2Earn Gaming Projects that have successfully scammed users, the most popular being CryptoBlades, and most recently, DecentraWorld.

The Metaverse is a Budding space with Limitless Potential that I strongly believe would go on to make a lot of Millionaires, including those with no chance of ever becoming one, AND I am super enthusiastic and happy because of this. Maybe because I've come to realize that having money is one thing, but there is also more important stuff that still requires pure passion, persistence, and Hardwork to Attain, Luck alone cannot take you to your Dreams.

Everyone has their reasons for being in the Blockchain space; To Invest and Earn, To build Blockchain Applications, To share knowledge, Or the Combination of Countless goals. Blockchain is Scalable enough for Us all to Exist together, and maybe as we do, We Look forward to a Better Blockchain World, because it would Definitely come!.

Thanks for reading,

What are you thoughts about Finance in the Blockchain & Crypto Space?

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