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The future with technology:#1 Rethinking death.

What might the greatest scientific innovation look like? How can science solve the greatest mystery of all- Death.

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Bhagwat Gita- You don’t die you just change your clothes.
It is more relevant now than ever.

All our memories can be constructed. Or rather we can make a memory we like. If we think of any memory of our childhood we can change it by replacing it with what we want. Our mind will continuously think of the changed memory and in some time it will become the memory. It will not matter if it happened in reality or not. Reality can be deconstructed and again constructed.

We have massive data about us on the internet and with giant companies. They can easily map our memories and behaviors and make you in an alternate world or virtual reality game which can soon be a new level of existence.

Life exists at multiple levels of existence. If you think you are bored of this level or you have learned whatever you should learn, you might want to go to a different level. You will get this feeling from inside. I think right now we change levels when we die. Which somehow is a gross process. And everyone is scared of it. But as per Bhagwat Gita or any scripture, we never die. The atman, jeev or consciousness never die. You are part of a whole, which just stays or just changes the level of existence.

The most amazing thing can be if we change this level of existence at our will. I still think it happens at our will only. You die only when your will to live is gone else you may survive. But in a more refined manner. Maybe science and technology can develop a medium to change levels of existence. That I think will be real growth in terms of technology. Multi-level communication and travel.

I think it is still achievable via meditation. You can move around levels, through your astral bodies etc. Any technology that can help us increase our focus manifolds and calm our minds can help us achieve multiple level travel. This can remove the process of death which is associated with pain. When we have a deep understanding that we or anyone we love or care about do not die, just change levels, then we feel safe. Another thing associated with it can be a sense of loneliness or a sense of oneness both are possible. People can feel lonely because when I change levels I have will have a new set of people around me or maybe the older ones who have changed level before me. I am not sure what it could be but I will vouch for oneness.

If technology can help us achieve this that will be a real breakthrough in science. We might not need planets we just need multi-level travel, making it as smooth as possible. Maybe it can be done by improving our frequencies. When we focus highly we can experience a different reality. A consistent focused state can help us understand levels. I think this is what happens during meditation. 
To achieve this we would need help from everything we have like scriptures, Gita/Bible, meditation, technology and a scientific approach.

If I think from a first principles approach about the reason of existence of human or any life form is to perform a basic function. What is our basic function- to become better/ improve. I will define improved by- more focused, positive and full of love. Someone who can feel the oneness of all. Now this basic function can be achieved in any form maybe human being or by going to a different level in a different form. The focus is on function. A simple analogy is of a vehicle. The basic function of a vehicle is for moving, transporting. It can take any form it can be a car, a two-wheeler, a horse or anything. The form can be anything, the function should be accomplished. 
The technology of the future will help us achieve the basic function of this form and allow multi-level travel and thus removing the need for dying, the way we do today.

We can have all our brains mapped or uploaded somewhere and then reconstruct our bodies the way we want. To have memories we selected or we can even alter them. It is something similar to rebirth concept. Whatever we do is written somewhere which we cannot access now, maybe it is in our brain, deep residing with our basic ganglia or inside pineal gland — the seat of the higher self. Which is hard to access. But it is said that we get a lot of our habits from our previous births and experiences. There are things we just know but how do we know them if have not learned them in this life. 
What I am trying to say is that maybe it is already happening, all our memories are uploaded in our brains, we need better ways to access it, and the same will happen for future lives we plan to take. We need better ways to do something we all can swallow. In that scenario, there will be no death just level change and that too just because we are bored here. Life maybe is just to enjoy. Technology can help us achieve this basic function in a more acceptable way maybe uploading our brains to some other location or whatever but I think it can be done. We just need to change the form.

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