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The Four Best and Safest TikTok Bots Right Now

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Interaction automation softwares (commonly known as "bots") are now available on TikTok and now is likely the most effective they'll ever be.

Why? Unlike Instagram, which now heavily monitors and regulates accounts with an Instagram bot, TikTok is yet to implement any serious regulation on interaction automation, making it the best time ever to use them in order to grow your account at a faster rate.

That being said, TikTok is slowly but surely increase their oversight on automation and finding the best and safest bots is still very important if you want to keep your account free from any serious blocks now and in the future. So, which are the best and safest TikTok bots currently available?

The Best TikTok Bots:

Here's a list of the best TikTok bots in the market right now. Keep in mind that the effectiveness and safety of these tools changes over time, and there are new services surfacing all the time, so I will be constantly updating this article (at least once per month) to try and keep the list as current as possible. So, without further ado, here are the best TikTok bots:

1. TokUpgrade — The Best & Safest.

Price: Starts at $60 per month

Why: If you're new to automation and you want a service that’ll help get you the best results, then TokUpgrade is the one to go with. They have great customer service, they are easy to use and they'll help you find the right targets to generate followers within your niche. They also offer a 14 day money back guarantee, which is the best in the market right now. Their $60 starting price is also really good given their proven track record of generating results & keeping their user's accounts safe as well as the fact that other, less effective services charge more.

Runners Up: There’s no TikTok bot service in the market right now that offers more personalized service as TokUpgrade does. As soon as there is, I’ll edit this article.

2. — The Fastest Growing.

Price: Starts at $75 per month

Why: is new to the market but they have been generating great growth results for their users in comparison to other, more established, bot services in the business. They have a unique system of automation that generates good results and decent customer service so, if fast growth is what you care about them most, give them a try. They offer at 7-day money back guarantee so you can always try them, and if they don't work, get your money back and try another, more established, software.

Runners Up: If TikTok bot doesn’t work for you, AutoTokker are both decent options that have similar features, similar price, and comparable results.

3. SocialMasters — The Cheapest.

Price: Starts at $24.99 per month

Why: If a lot price is what you care about, SocialMaster’s TikTok bot is the cheapest and relatively effective and safe option starting at $24.99. They don't have any fancy bells and whistles and don't have the most intuitive UX but they offer the essential features any other TikTok automation software offers. If you know how to automate a bot and don't mind not having many extra features, you'll likely get decent growth results and save a lot of money given that most other bots usually start at $75.

Runners Up: The second cheapest bot right now is AutoTokker at $44.99 p/month.

4. MediaMister — If Fans Is All You Want.

Price: Starts at $2 for 25 TikTok Fans

Why: If all you really want is to have more fans and don't really want to go through the process of automation to get them organically, then the safest option for you right now is MediaMister. These are bought, empty, fans that won't do anything else for you apart from pad your numbers (which I honestly would never recommend) but if that's all you care about, go with MediaMister. They have a proven track record of being safe and actually delivering on their services which is very important given that most services that offer to sell you fans are a scam. Bought fans will inevitably taken down as they were on Instagram (Mase lost his bought followers on IG) but if you're aware of the risks, go for it.

Runners Up: I can’t recommend another service to buy fans safely because there are A LOT of scams out there.

The Ones To Avoid:

Although most TikTok bot providers that also provide Instagram automation aren’t usually known for great results, there aren’t any services I’d recommend that you outright avoid, so far. Once I come across extremely ineffective or scammy bot services out there, I’ll definitely keep this section of the article frequently updated to let you know who they are. If you come across any other services you should avoid, DM me on @pinlord and I’ll make sure to include them in this section. I appreciate your help!

That's it guys! Those are the safest and best TikTok bots in the market right now and I'll keep this article updated as they change. If you have any recommendations about new softwares, DM me on @pinlord. I'm always interested in your insights to hopefully make this article and my content in general as good as possible.

Oh, and if you're wondering how TikTok bots work, here's a quick overview:

How Do TikTok Bots Work?

TikTok bots work on the same principle that a traditional Instagram Bot works. You give the tool target audience guidelines and custom filters which it then uses to automate the activity of liking, commenting, and following other account’s posts and profiles at scale. That liking, commenting, and following creates hundreds of additional opportunities for people to come across your username, go to your account and follow it. The more effective the targets and guidelines you give it, the more traffic will be driven, and the higher the percentage of traffic will convert into a follow.


Right now is the best time to use TikTok bots to safely grow your account. They aren't heavily regulated or monitored by TikTok yet and, currently, the best ones are, and SocialMaster but they continually change so I’ll keep this section updated.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my article!

Hope you find this helpful and if you want to learn more about automation or Instagram growth, please read my other articles on the best Instagram bots 2020how to automate an Instagram bot, how to create a repost accounthow to automate your Instagram p osts,  how to grow your Instagramhow the Instagram algorithm workshow to increase your Instagram engagement, how to check if you’re Instagram shadowbannedhow I make money on Instagram, how to write the perfect Instagram bio, and how to create a visually appealing Instagram grid.

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