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Week 2—Retrospective

Read last week’s article here.

The main thing I did this week was publishing the new landing page. You can view it here: https://findbetterquestions.com/. I still want to add two or three images. One picture at the top, two in the how it works section. The footer might need some improvements too. I also didn’t add analytics yet.

I only published one answer on Quora this week: How do I advertise on Quora?

I’ve been working on an article that isn’t published yet.

That’s pretty much it. I fixes two minor things about the Find Better Questions app, but the rest of my product work went into the landing page. Most of my marketing efforts too.

Photo by Alexandru Tugui

Someone paid for Find Better Questions.

That’s it for now. I hope that there are more things to tell about next week.

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