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The fight between cryptocurrencies.

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All cryptocurrencies have something to boast about, be it a better technology or the brightest minds at work, every cryptocurrency has pitched something that makes buyers want to invest in them. But this hasn’t been an as ideal case, people only tend to invest in tokens which have proved to fetch highest returns on short-term investments. The crypto market has provided for a platform where everyone has a fair chance to pitch in their ideas, as more people invest in a crypto token the market share increases and so does its price. The market evolves as the company evolves, but we must never forget that some marketing deception can easily fool buyers.

But is it so simple?

Nearly 60% of crypto traders are buyers who are looking to make a quick buck, the truth is that the flow of the cryptocurrencies market has been widely disrupted by mundane buyers. So on any given day, the market domination is controlled by people who simply don’t care if they are provided with the best technology or the brightest minds, they just need profits and they don’t care about who they are investing in. The market runs upon the price graphs of a token as it doesn’t have much other authentic information to offer.

The domino effect has led the most powerful crowdfunding platform to dust, and it’s simply because of spoilt profit-seeking investors. The token who gains maximum market capitalization leads the way, while rest of them are just focusing on a small number of people and never think of even coming close to the market capitalization bitcoin currently holds.

Cryptocurrencies have provided a platform to pitch in ideas, ideas to change everything and to shift to better and advanced technologies. But these aren’t just limited to blockchain technology, many are based on even more advanced technologies like tangle with capabilities far beyond blockchain. The far more advanced, faster transaction times, different structures will possibly be adapted in the industry soon enough. By far it’s all good and certainly going to expand technologies around the world, but its truly too soon to speculate if a few bad fishes would or wouldn’t dirty the pool.


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