The Existence of Gender Gap in Leadership Goals by@amit

The Existence of Gender Gap in Leadership Goals

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The present century has seen women leaders leading in the sectors like pharmaceuticals, insurance and banking. However there are various sectors energy, auto and infrastructure still have a predominant male leadership. As per a survey conducted by the Indian government, it states that even in entrepreneurial roles, only 13.76 percent constitutes females. It can’t be denied that the number of female entrepreneurs is increasing at a steady rate. 

In India, the traditional mindset has always made the generation segregate the work of men and women. Women are constantly restricted by the confinement of society. Another challenge faced by the female sector is striking work life balance. The task of being a superwoman, multi-tasker or even a champion is always seen  on various pages on women’s day. 

Emotional intelligence 

According to a well known author Suzy Welch, the most complex task for any manager or boss is to maintain emotional distance,  be it a male or a female . During performance management roles this may not add on the brighter side. It tends to get more difficult for a female boss with the styles inbuilt in them along with the nick names of ice queen or good mother. The solution according to Suzy Welch is striking a balance between the intimacy for her to know the entire team members, yet maintain a healthy distance to lead them. In other words, an emotionally intelligent move that can be implemented by the managers is adapting a balance and demonstrating toughness and kindness whenever required. 

 Women are born leaders

Earlier in history, emotional behaviour was considered as a weak link. However, in today's generation empathizing on work is considered as an additional quality. Women have a higher quotient of emotional strength in comparison to the other gender. A genetic decision-making skill shapes them as a born leader. The performance management of a woman has been advancing with time. The next generation is seen to be in an advanced role with inspiring women who not only have achieved higher goals but also inspired other women to put in more efforts to reach higher goals. 

Inspiring women

Two thirds of the women leaders are inspired by other women. Their friends, colleagues or mothers supported them to think beyond the social conventions. Therefore, it is believed that leaders of the present generation are seen as the role models that have inspired the new kids to join the battle and achieve their goals. Aditi Gupta, cofounder of The Menstrupedia, Ashwini Asokana, founder of MAD, Dr.Florida Tilton, are remarkable leaders who has inspired millions of girls to dream of being an entrepreneur. 

A cultural shift within the organization

As quoted by our famous leader, “Be the change you want to see.” This can be applied even in the present generation. The present culture has made a tremendous impact with the ascending shift. There is no doubt that the leaders have broken the ice ceiling. With that, a successful shift has been made in the work culture as well. Employers have started to consider amending policies that can benefit the female employees. Organizations have started to educate and encourage inclusivity and diversity and aim at providing a safe space for the female employees to share their ideas and run remarkable campaigns.

Gender gap started to gain attention with changing times. The world started to witness change in the way female employees are treated. Fight for equal pay and equal status has started to result in positive changes. Their performance management and ranking has started to be equally considered.  However, gender disparity is an engraved norm in society.

It's a long road where these minute achievements help in attaining motivation.

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by Amit Kumar @amit. Amit Kumar is an experienced tech enthusiast and blogger. Check out his blog www.digitaldrona.comRead my stories


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