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The Crypto Portfolio Rebalancing Backtest Tool


Several weeks ago, we decided it was time for us to revamp our crypto backtesting feature set. Our previous implementation proved to be valuable for thousands of people around the world who wanted to analyze their rebalancing strategy. However, there were gaps in our historical data which needed improvement.

We began by reaching out to several data service providers in search of historical exchange data. We quickly found the challenge in identifying a reasonable dataset to construct our advanced backtesting tool. Ultimately, we decided to use CoinAPI as our primary data partner.

Our team has been collecting data from CoinAPI and other sources to construct a comprehensive dataset for our backtest tool. This ensures that our simulations will use actual market data from each exchange to calculate the effects of a rebalancing strategy.

Shrimpy’s Backtest Tool currently incorporates the following components:

Backtest Data Components

Backtesting Tools

Basic Backtest Demo

The Basic Backtest Tool is a simple and effective way to learn about the importance and impact of portfolio rebalancing. Simply select the assets to backtest and see the performance difference between portfolio rebalancing and holding.

Check out the Backtest Tool Demo below:

Premium Backtest Tool

If you like what you see with the Basic Backtest Tool, upgrade to Shrimpy’s Premium Service to unlock additional backtesting tool features, which include:

  • Custom Time Range
  • Adjustable Trading Fee
  • Complex Allocation Distributions
  • Additional Backtest Settings and Options

In addition to accessing our Premium Backtest Tool, you also become a member of our Social Program, where you can interact with other Shrimpy users, learn more about cryptocurrencies, and even share your own portfolio strategies with the rest of the community!

Shrimpy Premium costs just $8.99/month — sign up here.

Upcoming Product Features

Shrimpy will continue to build and add new features to our product to improve the backtesting experience. As more money and investments flows into the cryptocurrency space, institutions need access to more data, so we are making sure we have ways to provide that data.

Improved Exchange Support

While the initial release of the backtest tool only contains data from Bittrex, Shrimpy will continue to integrate data from additional exchanges for a full comprehensive view of global cryptocurrency markets.

Cross-Exchange Rebalancing

Shrimpy is currently working on providing support for rebalancing across multiple exchanges, which allows for execution of an optimal exchange rate at a certain time.


While cryptocurrencies may be a new asset class, fundamental investment philosophies and strategies have not changed. Shrimpy’s mission is to provide a robust set of dedicated tools and services for individuals and institutions looking to structure a simple yet effective portfolio strategy.

Stay tuned and follow our updates on our official Twitter and Facebook pages.

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The Shrimpy Team

Originally published at blog.shrimpy.io.


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