The Continuum (CNTNM) Bands Together NFT Creators in Building the World’s First Infinite Art Project by@cryptovirally

The Continuum (CNTNM) Bands Together NFT Creators in Building the World’s First Infinite Art Project

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been around since 2015 but only reached widespread popularity last year. Today, they represent a multi-billion market that generated $1.26 billion in the first six months of 2021 alone.

Owning an NFT can enhance the value of your portfolio and bring you significant ROI in the long term. However, it's tricky to say which NFT is the best to invest in, especially when countless new collections surface monthly. Above all, what's to say the NFT you just bought will maintain or increase its value over time? Like some traditional artworks, digital art pieces can become outdated, valueless, and forgettable investments.

CNTNM, short for The Continuum, offers an alternative and a solution to these immutable, monotonous NFT collections. The platform provides a monthly-changing canvas connecting people worldwide and allowing them to contribute to the first infinite art project on the blockchain.

Every NFT in this collection is a purchase that keeps on giving as long as its owner keeps contributing. Now, how's that for a chance of owning forever up-to-date and super rare NFTs? Read on to discover how CNTNM works!

An NFT Artwork Forever in the Making

The Continuum (CNTNM) is a collection of 7,999 NFT artworks on the Ethereum blockchain. The project claims to be "the world's first infinite art project" and develops on top of new and intriguing technology. Above all, it brings together digital artists, non-artists, and NFT collectors, both experienced and newbies, in a brilliant and unprecedented way. Simply put, anyone with even the slightest interest in art and/or NFTs can use this stimulating environment to explore and create freely. But how does it work?

The CNTNM offers NFT owners a blank canvas with 8,000 slots, one per NFT. Every month, it encourages them to upload an image or logo in their allocated spots. This way, they can all contribute to a massive artwork showcasing their unique personalities and traits. Each monthly canvas will be a broad piece encompassing hundreds of different art styles and interpretations. The story behind every contribution will also be available because, in The Continuum project, every input counts.

At the end of each month, the protocol freezes the completed canvas into a standalone NFT. It then puts it up for auction and randomly distributes the proceeds to previous contributors.

Next, The CNTNM resets the canvas to blank and confirms the previous month’s canvas as the genesis block and the middle image of the new canvas. This process repeats forever with the same spaces and owners as in the image below. In time, it leads to a series of large and unique NFTs, each consisting of 7,999 former non-fungible tokens.

Creators can have their pick between three NFT levels with different slot sizes on the canvas. For example, a Level One NFT occupies 1 slot. Meanwhile, a Level Two NFT occupies 4x the size of a Level One. Lastly, a Level Three NFT occupies one slot with the size of 16 Level One slots on the canvas. Every NFT displays its level on the artwork and its metadata, and Level Three NFTs come with a custom QR code.


Users can upload multiple images only if they own several NFTs. Also, they can change the image within a slot infinitely until the canvas completion date.

The auction proceeds incentivize NFT owners to add to the canvas every month. Moreover, once a creator contributes to this infinite artwork, they will be part of it permanently.

Artwork Development and Release

The Continuum has three release phases. The project will release the 7,999 NFTs in Phase 1, each representing a “contribution ticket” to the canvas. This is the core collection of the CNTNM platform and provides NFT holders with all ownership benefits. Interested buyers should keep an eye out for its release sometime in the Q2 of 2022.

The collection will appear as two hands combining historical art with modern creations. Each finger will have five different traits, and their combinations will determine their rarity. Also, the level of each NFT will appear as thumb rings and chains.

The five main traits include skins, nails, rings, levels, and accessories. Every trait has countless variations, which leads to unique art for each NFT, verifiable in the metadata.


The CNTNM will showcase each monthly NFT in popular blockchain-based NFT galleries and in real-world NFT exhibitions. Furthermore, it will select random NFTs to promote extensively and enhance their value.

The platform has already struck strategic partnerships with Metaverse galleries and other industry projects. Also, The Continuum plans to purchase its own Metaverse land, where it will host events and create a suitable environment for the community. For instance, community members will have the chance to influence the types of events and their restrictions, as well as where the project should buy Metaverse land.

Soon, the developers will announce the remaining two release phases, which should include other collections and rewards. The last step of the Second Phase should see The CNTNM become a worldwide autonomous (DAO) platform fully dedicated to entertainment and contribution.

The CNTNM allows the NFT community to work together on an infinite artwork while expressing their unique creative ideas. Every monthly canvas displays each NFT owner, its position, edition, and a space for caption or message, where the owner can add text. 

NFT holders will be able to track their contributions on the CNTNM website through an interactive display. The team intends to make the NFT canvas a standout emblem for NFT holders, where they can check if others are members of the same NFT community. That’s because, following a string of editions, some people may sell their NFTs, including their contributions, thus giving others the chance to do so, too.

Lastly, the CNTNM team will provide means for NFT owners to be able to grant canvas collaboration privileges to other people at their own desired rate (free too) on any given canvas edition without the need of selling their nfts (allowing people worlwide to contribute on any given edition).

For more information about The Continuum, please follow the links below:

|Whitepaper| Twitter| Discord| Instagram|


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