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A year has just about passed since I started writing articles about Bitcoin. Hacker Noon were quick to find me and thanks to them I’ve been able to amass quite a decent following in a relatively short time. As I looked through the articles some time ago I realized that they summed up the events in Bitcoin during the year quite nicely and from this realization an idea was born. I’ll compile them into a book! Now, a couple of weeks later, I’m reading a notification on my phone saying that a package has arrived at my local pick up spot. The package might contain one of the following items: Saifedean Ammous book ,”The Bitcoin Standard”, two “Don’t trust, verify” t-shirts purchased from the Blockstream store via the Lightning Network or the first print of my own book “Three Minute Reads on Bitcoin — A year of thoughts”. I’ll stop writing now and go to the local gas station to pick up the parcel.

Back in the house again. My book has arrived. Four proofreading copies to be given to selected friends and family members. Hopefully, I’ll have a final product to release in a week or so. After that, who knows? I really enjoy doing this and I’ll write more stuff for sure. Maybe I’ll contribute to the Bitcoin community in other ways to. I don’t know when or how but i will produce something. I’ve come to like not knowing. A year seems like a good time frame for creative enterprises.

Finally, I’d like to thank Hacker Noon for publishing my stuff and providing me with a steady stream of readers. Getting involved in the Bitcoin community is something i can highly recommend. The people I’ve talked to have been very friendly yet very honest about their opinions. I like that. I strongly believe that honest debate is very underrated in our day and age and I salute those who provide platforms such as Hacker Noon for free thinkers. I’ll post links to the book as soon as I can! Thank you!

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