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A Bit of poetry

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Knut Svanholm
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Correlation is not causality

Moderation is not morality

Certification is not ability

Mobilization is not mobility

Educated is not all-knowing

Constipated is not at all flowing

Darting is not bowling

R.R. Martin is not J.K. Rowling

A free lunch cannot be supersized

The revolution will not be centralized

Grown ups might not be adults

All nations might not be cults

Lawyers are not under oaths

The emperor has no clothes

Counterfeiting is not a crime

Quantitative easing is more sublime

Caracas is not Mogadishu

Block size is not the issue

A free lunch cannot be overpriced

The revolution will not be centralized

Your opinion is not science

Being a minion is not defiance

Having anti-virus is not being immune

The Pirate Party can’t win too soon

On the news is not a fact

You can choose to not react

Stevie Wonder is not Steve Wozniak

Choose the shortcut and not the cul de sac

A free lunch might make you realize

The revolution will not be centralized


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