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Respect the tools. Respect the technology, the work.

The best successful people and mentors to be around with are those who do work that change the world (and people may not know about it), are understated, don’t flaunt their riches and power and are highly private people. They do not see the need to hog the limelight. But what they get is a deep respect for their work. I’ve always believed in this.

And they know that the work they do is larger than him/herself and is a piece of the fabric of life, a higher purpose.

Like the samurai respecting the sword and the sword maker, respect the tools. And I’ll further expand on this:

“Respect the tools, the technology, the work.
Respect the art, the process.”

Having been in the intersection of various industries and being on the art+technology spectrum, I continue to observe, synthesize and bring this into the work I do in #AR and #VR.

Thank you to my industry mentors, partners and former bosses. You know who you are.

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Vanessa Radd is ranked the global top 3 augmented reality influencer and is a founding member of the XR Alliance. Vanessa is also the President of the global VR AR Association Singapore chapter. Twitter @vanradd

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