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Hackernoon logoRespect the tools. Respect the technology, the work. by@vanradd

Respect the tools. Respect the technology, the work.

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@vanraddVanessa Radd @vanradd

The best successful people and mentors to be around with are those who do work that change the world (and people may not know about it), are understated, donโ€™t flaunt their riches and power and are highly private people. They do not see the need to hog the limelight. But what they get is a deep respect for their work. Iโ€™ve always believed in this.

And they know that the work they do is larger than him/herself and is a piece of the fabric of life, a higher purpose.

Like the samurai respecting the sword and the sword maker, respect the tools. And Iโ€™ll further expand on this:

โ€œRespect the tools, the technology, the work.
Respect the art, the process.โ€

Having been in the intersection of various industries and being on the art+technology spectrum, I continue to observe, synthesize and bring this into the work I do in #AR and #VR.

Thank you to my industry mentors, partners and former bosses. You know who you are.

#Aikido #MartialArts #Leadership #Mentorship #AR #VR

Vanessa Radd is ranked the global top 3 augmented reality influencer and is a founding member of the XR Alliance. Vanessa is also the President of the global VR AR Association Singapore chapter. Twitter @vanradd


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