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The Best Reading Lists

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Reading Inspiration From World-Class Leaders

Reading long-form essays and books is one of my favorite ways to learn new things. While I try to let my intellectual curiosity dictate my reading habits, it can often be helpful to find inspiration from mentors or people you find interesting.

Inspired by Michael Nielsen’s tweet, I put together a collection of reading lists that I found to be particularly engaging and insightful. Enjoy!

The Best Reading Lists

David Benioff — List

David Bowie — List

Stewart Brand — List

Patrick CollisonList

David Copperfield — List

Michelle Dockery — List

Tim Ferriss — List

James Franco — List

Neil Patrick Harris — List

Ben HorowitzList

Bill Gates (2018) — List

Steve Jobs — List

Alan Kay — List

Max Levchin — List

Casey Neistat — List

Trevor Noah — List

Barack Obama — List

Michelle Obama — List

Michael Pollan — List

Naval Ravikant — List

Carl Sagan — List

Sheryl Sandberg — List

Derek Sivers — List

Leo Tolstoy — List

Alan Turing — List

Neil deGrasse Tyson — List

Alice Waters — List

Ev Williams — List

Thanks for reading!

Which lists am I missing? Send me a DM on twitter and I can try to add them.


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