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11 Best Podcasts For Founders

by Vikas JhaJune 1st, 2018
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<em>The best podcasts that founders are listening to in 2018</em>
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The best podcasts that founders are listening to in 2018

Sometimes you win, other times you learn. Isn’t that what startup and business life is all about ? More so for the first time entrepreneurs.

We are learning innumerable things everyday as founders, yet we struggle all the time. As important as it is to focus on sales, product, growth, funding etc, as much important is our health, personal relationships etc.

There is really no magic formula to have it all in perfect harmony and balance and anybody claiming to have one is lying. What I do recommend is learning. Constant learning. Learning from the success, failure and in between of other founders who started their journey perhaps earlier than you did and succeeded in making some sense in the madness of entrepreneurial life. They help you shorten the journey or at least mentally prepare you for the roller-coaster.

I’ve always been saying that there are two ways to grow. One is by talking to people smarter than you and second is reading books of people smarter than you.

These 67 books teach Entrepreneurship better than a Harvard MBA !!!_In today’s day and age if you’re not constantly learning, trying new things and evolving, existing knowledge becomes…

While reading remains a great and amazing source of learning, I realise that in fast paced life reading is not always an option because it requires time. something which very less of us have to dedicate or earmark everyday. Hence step in audio books and podcasts that you can play and hear to while doing other stuff. A win-win.

Books I leave up to you, but here’s a list of the best podcasts that i recommend for modern day founders on elevating their entrepreneurial game.

Akimbo by Seth Godin

This is Seth Godin latest podcast which discusses business, entrepreneurship, freelancing and life.

Akimbo is an ancient word which means “the bend” in the river or an archer’s bow. It interprets to strength and flexibility. Akimbo’s a podcast about culture and about how we can change it. Like Seth says on how website — “The culture is real, but it can be changed. You can bend it”

Indie Hackers

Indiehackers is a popular podcast from Courtland and Channing Allen — the brothers who founded Indiehackers. The podcast features various startup world success stories and Courtland skilfully discusses and questions their journey and learning. Also check out Hackernoon on the Indie Hackers pod.

How I built this with Guy Raz

This podcast discusses how some of the most popular and successful companies succeeded and built the movements they did. It talks about the journey and story behind them.

Business Wars:

Excellent podcast dissecting companies on their success and failures, how decision making is affected by competition and long-term vision etc.

Y Combinator Podcast

Y Combinator is a startup cauldron beyond parallel. Their podcasts are too as they discuss the nitty gritty of startup life, success and failure and how disruptors emerge.

Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman

Masters of Scale is a podcast hosted by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. The podcast is centred around Reid showing and discussing how companies grow from zero to hero while testing his theories with business legends.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

It’s a podcast from the legendary Oprah Winfrey about understanding the deeper meaning of life and the world around. It features talks with Thought leaders, wellness and health experts etc. Its something to look up if you’re aiming at self-development and purpose within.

Startup Hustle:

As the name suggests, Startup Hustle is a podcast centred around the world of startups. Hosted by Matt Watson the podcast talks about various aspects of startup life from attending networking events to finding an assistant and everything in between about making money and growing MRR.

Baremetrics Podcast

Okay I stumbled upon this podcast but found it really useful with transparent addressal of various aspects of startup life. The podcast talks about simple stuff like whether to blog on medium or your website blog or reality of startups not crushing it. Not really regular with episodes but good quality content.

Smart Passive Income Podcast

This is Pat Flynn’s famous podcast where he talks about various strategies for running digital businesses, freelancing etc.

Cardone Zone

The sales maverick Grant Cardone talks about tips on entrepreneurship, sales, finance and motivation.

and in case you’re still looking for the book recommendations — then this might be useful !

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