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The Best Crypto Marketing Agencies for Advertising Cryptocurrency Projects in 2022

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Every successful crypto project you can think of has grown on brilliant, sometimes simple, concepts and plenty of community support. While the developers are responsible for coming up with the ideas, top-quality marketing brings people on board. And more than often, crypto marketing agencies are in charge of building brand awareness, engaging users, and attracting investors. Most projects would remain in their embryonic, tractionless stage without their services.

If you are gearing up to launch a new project in the crypto space, you should strongly consider promotional services. Fortunately, we compiled a list of the best crypto marketing agencies for advertising cryptocurrency projects in 2022. Read on to discover how to boost your project’s chances of success and popularity with expert help!

1. CryptoVirally

CryptoVirally is one of the best crypto marketing agencies you can choose to promote your cryptocurrency project. They provide a full-service suite of advertising tools that will draw the attention of investors and followers to your initiative. Some of our best-selling solutions include NFT promotion, press releases, content marketing, and full brand development. Moreover, they can connect you with notorious KOLs (crypto influencers) to speak highly about your project on relevant platforms.

Crypto Virally uses modern marketing techniques to promote your project on social media and crypto communities. The team consists of skilled experts in marketing, crypto, branding, and multi-cultural crypto-relevant domains. Furthermore, all our services are customizable at an affordable price. This way, you can personalize the tools you need for your project to thrive in the cryptosphere.

Industry-leading brands like MyCointainer, Unicrypt Network, CoinStats, Bitrue, BitGlobal, and Shrimpy have collaborated successfully with CryptoVirally. Your project can be another successful case in the agency's portfolio starting today.

2. Solidproof

You may know Solidproof as the German company providing top KYC and auditing services. However, recently, the firm has expanded its offer to include crypto marketing services as well. Besides auditing, Solidproof can help projects gain brand awareness with all the promotional tools of traditional marketing agencies.

The most-picked marketing service in the Solidproof suite is “Project awareness.” This package consists of numerous promotional products, such as promoted tweets, Reddit posts, and article translations. Most importantly, it includes high-quality reviews and articles that would boost your project on prestigious websites, such as CryptoAdventure, CryptoPress, and CryptoFolds.

Solidproof takes the marketing game a step forward by enabling projects to build brand awareness in multiple markets. To this end, the company offers PR packages for Asian markets, including China and Korea. Additional services, such as social media management, content creation, and Telegram community management, help Solidproof stand out.

3. CryptoPR

CryptoPR is a London-based marketing agency specializing in promoting projects in the crypto space and beyond. The company has solid experience in advertising crypto exchanges, new tokens, NFTs, and crypto-wallets. In less than two years since its inception, CryptoPR has developed a strong company of over 100 employees and a consistent portfolio of major industry brands.

The CryptoPR team describes itself as a group of problem solvers, life-changers, and opportunity creators. Its primary services include building brand awareness, growing reputation, and generating leads. Projects working with this agency should benefit from solid media outreach to markets and industries outside their geographical confines.

Some of the important names in the CryptoPR portfolio include Bithumb Global, HSBC, ZeroSwap, DuckDAO, and DEXTools. It’s worth noting that the agency also specializes in public relations, influencer marketing, branding ventures, and social media campaigns.

4. Coinbound

Coinbound is a crypto marketing agency that promotes projects in the up-and-coming web3.0 environment. The company specializes in taking coins and NFTs out of sheer anonymity and into the spotlight. Furthermore, it takes a unique approach to managing and advertising new projects in an increasingly competitive market.

Most customers approach Coinbound for its top-shelf services, such as influencer marketing and social media management. However, the agency also provides innovative SEO, public relations, and thought leadership marketing solutions. Most of these services are affordable and should help projects gain more traction and followers.

The Coinbound portfolio abounds in the crypto industry’s top names, including Cosmos, MetaMask, Nexo, and ShapeShift. The company’s extensive network of influencers helps spread the word about an initiative early on in its development. This way, the team can focus on growing their projects without worrying about an audience, which Coinbound professionally nurtures in the background.

These four crypto marketing agencies are among the best at advertising cryptocurrency projects. In 2022, using their services is a no-brainer even for the newbies. So, make sure you contact them before launching into the cryptosphere.


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