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167 Stories To Learn About Crypto Adoption

by Learn RepoOctober 7th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Crypto Adoption via these 167 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Crypto Adoption via these 167 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

All things, including shamanistic rituals, that are expected to help drive up the number of people who transact in cryptocurrencies.

1. 3 Common Entry Barriers for Crypto Users in 2022

Despite its growing popularity, however, there are still some serious barriers to entry that could affect cryptocurrency adoption on a larger scale.

2. Here's Why CBD Manufacturers Are Clamoring For Crypto-Adoption

You may have noticed that cannabis dispensaries don’t accept credit cards. With few exceptions, most dispensaries don’t accept debit cards, either. That’s because the major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) strictly prohibit businesses from directly processing all cannabis-related transactions using their cards.

3. Building Authentic Brands with NFTs - The Inside Scoop

how media and fintech have become unexpected partners in a wave of innovation that will redefine how brands and communities are built.

4. Policy Proposals for Crypto Protocols to Make Them Less Dystopic and More Inclusive

The debates are intensifying about whether blockchain and cryptocurrencies and Web3—pick your favorite jargon—are salvific or demonic.

5. How The Bitcoin Threshold Will Be Broken Via Institutional Adoption

During the month of August, many investors were excited to see Bitcoin shatter past the $12,000 barrier, but it was unable to hold steady after hitting a high of $12,482.20 on August 16th.

6. 3 Major Challenges to Web3 Technology's Adoption

Web3 is a vision for a new version of the internet based on blockchain technology that aims to build a democratic internet. However, there are some challenges.

7. Cryptocurrencies Are Being Adopted Faster in the Sports than the Broader Economy

In the past few months, it appears the sports industry has finally caught the crypto bug, realizing the immense potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The world of sports has made a significant entry into the cryptocurrency space and is using it to attract sponsors, engage global markets, and monetize fan engagement in ways that were unimaginable a few decades ago.

8. Sounding The Death Knell for Cash Money: How Far Is It?

Crypto founders share their views on whether physical currency will disappear altogether

9. Open Banking and Crypto: An Unexpected Duo that Can Actually Work

Cryptocurrencies and open banking are two terms that usually don't go together. But there is a huge untapped potential within this unexpected duo.

10. The Economy of Ethereum: A Simple Explanation for Beginners

A simple view at Ethereum blocksize limit and its gas fee structure in regard to being a world decentralized computer that power the new internet application.

11. The DeSci Guide: Is Decentralized Science the New Web 3.0 Trend?

This article is about what DeSci is and what problems modern science is trying to solve by moving it to the blockchain. I also discuss how DAOs impact science

12. How to explain NFTs to a Boomer

I faced this issue recently. I had to explain what NFTs are to my Dad who is a Boomer. This is a summary of how I went about it. It will help you one day.

13. Proof of Work is a Tried and True Solution

Gold is the original Proof of Work to back a currency.

14. The People’s Bank of China and the new white paper on the e-CNY (Digital Yuan)

The PBOC's July 2021 release of a white paper highlights potential privacy issues and the disruption of China's digital payments industry by the digital yuan.

15. Stablecoins: An Introduction

You might have heard about stable coins. Here's a first look at how they are designed relative to other kinds of cryptocurrencies, how they work and more.

16. Why is the Crypto Market back in Green After Almost Two Years of Pullback?

Every market has its cycles. Some of them are short, some are long. Gold, silver, precious metals, the real estate market, stocks, bonds - all of these have experienced their fair share of ups and downs. After a pullback, going back up can be a long process - a market cycle can take years. Gold was at its peak in 2011, after that its price was in decline for five years before it slowly began a new market cycle. Now it’s in a visible uptrend.

[17. Bitcoin 2021: A Brief Interview with

Changpeng Zhao]( Interview with CZ on BTC in 2021 -- hebelieves the "journey has just started" for BTC, DeFi, and cryptocurrency.

18. Is Proof-of-Stake the Savior of Cryptocurrency's Future?

Learn the benefits of Proof-of-Stake blockchains and why they matter for cryptocurrency's future.

19. ‘DubaiCoin’ Leaps 1000% Within 24 Hours after False Claims

Dubai's DubaiCoin, $DBIX, is a new central bank digital currency

20. Interview with Anndy Lian: Views on 2022 Cryptocurrency Adoption - What Is Coming Next

An interview with Anndy Lian, a business strategist, about the future of global Cryptocurrency Adoption through 2022 and the reasons for his predictions.

21. Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Cryptocurrencies?

An excessive number of cryptocurrencies and an endless rollout of ICOs can be problematic for the image of the crypto world.

22. What PayPal's Decision to Support Cryptocurrencies Means For Mainstream Adoption

JPMorgan Global Markets Strategy last Friday published a research note touting Bitcoin as the alternative of gold for the millennials and predicting to potentially double or even triple the price. Ironically, only a few years ago JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon famously called Bitcoin a "fraud". Why did the major US bank make such a drastic shift in its view on Bitcoin? It was in part triggered by a major movement earlier in the week.

23. Is Tesla Adding Dogecoin as a Payment Option?

Twitter user @BitDeepu tweeted an image of Tesla’s source code that shows that Dogecoin holders can buy Tesla Model Y with their DOGE tokens.

24. Crypto Use Explodes, Data Will Help Investors Make Better Decisions

Investors need good data to make good decisions, and new AI platforms will provide deeper analysis

25. “Liquidity mining is one of the dumbest things happening right now in crypto,” says @hasufl

Can Liquidity Mining come back after the mania from DeFi summer last year? How have yield farmers changed the way the system works and have tokens changed?

26. How I Make Money By Monetizing My Twitter with Brave Rewards

Not only does Brave pay me in $BAT for browsing the internet by serving me ads I enjoy watching based on my interests, it literally allows people to tip and automatically contribute to those Twitter users using Brave.

27. Crypto: The Frontier of the Information Age

On conquest, risk, and reward in the new decentralized open economy and how cryptocurrencies like Ethereum fit into the historical patters of discovery.

28. Why Doesn't Nike Accept Cryptocurrency Payments?

Over the past 3 years, it’s become apparent that cryptocurrency payments are becoming increasingly popular, particularly peer to peer and in developing countries. What’s just as obvious though, is that big and small merchants alike, understandably don’t want to deal with two key hurdles of accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method: Volatility & Security.

29. Why Games Will Be the Breakthrough Product for Mass Adoption of Crypto

In this piece I put forward the argument that gaming will be the lynchpin that'll drive crypto adoption

30. 5 Tools To Decide If a Crypto Project Is Worth Investing In

There are tools that help VCs and institutional investors assess the potential of a crypto project before investing

31. What Is Next for Crypto Enthusiasts and the Entire Industry?

How is that possible that digital currencies remain downtrend, even though “smart money” continues to pile into crypto?

32. The LUNA-Tic Descent of Terra: Its Causes and Impact on the Crypto Market

Many crypto enthusiasts are unaware of what caused Luna's fall, and those who do are unaware of its consequences on the crypto market.

33. How Samuel Bankman-Fried Contributed to the Dangers of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have been hailed as the future of money, But Bankman-Fried’s downfall should serve as a warning to others.

34. 5 Essential Tools to Start Accepting Crypto Payments

With cryptocurrency becoming increasingly popular, small and large companies have started accepting various forms of crypto as payment.

35. Exploring Cryptocurrency Trends and Forecasts in 2023

There are whispers that new technologies and applications will emerge in the next few years that could revolutionize the use of cryptocurrencies.

36. Top 20 Crypto Wallet Development Companies & Services Providers

Here is the list of top 20 crypto wallet development companies in USA, UK, India. White label Cryptocurrency wallet development services companies to hire.

37. Can CoinMarketCap Earn Program Help Crypto-Adoption?

CoinMarketCap, one of the leading information and price tracking tools used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts from all over the world, is actively promoting crypto education with its rapidly developing platform CoinMarketCap Earn.

38. 5 Best Practices for Building Mass-Adoptable Crypto Apps

To be successful, web3 devs need to relentlessly optimize their crypto products, test and retest them, and design them with end user experience in mind.

39. Blockchain is Not the Missing Link. You Are.

"A $706 million market worldwide in 2017 after 10 years of being on the market, the blockchain market has evolved rather slowly. It’s biggest use has thus far been to hide the money of criminals and terrorists."

40. Crypto Market Registers A Resounding Boom in Q1 2020

With the passage of time, the popularity and usage of crypto markets have grown among masses. Therefore, apart from tech geeks, even laymen have become a part of this ‘thrill’. Let it be teenagers, adults, or the CEOs of tech giants, everyone seems interested to explore cryptocurrencies for their benefits.

41. Journey to the Future of Finance

What will the finance world look like in a couple of decades?

42. Why Everyday People Don’t Trust Crypto and Some Answers To Placate Their Fears

Bitcoin and other cryptos are coming mainstream but everyday people still find it difficult to trust blockchain tech, NFTS and coins. How can we convince them?

43. There Has Never Been a Better Time to Get Into Crypto

Crypto market overview, regulation updates and a very bold Bitcoin price prediction with a soda-back guarantee

44. Problems With Cross-Chain Bridging and Direct Integrations With Web2

Blockchain bridges are hard to do technically and susceptible to hacks. That's why other solutions like direction integrations are needed.

45. What’s All the Polygon Hype About?

The difference between Polygon and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin is that instead of using Proof-Of-Work (POW) to confirm transactions, it uses

46. Can P2E Games be Fun If They’re Equitable?

GameFi has the potential to change the world in ways that are hard to imagine. But not all GameFi is created equal.

47. Five Promising Startups That May Change the Way We Do Business in 2023 and Beyond

Judging by the survey conducted by Forbes, we can highlight five trends that will shape business in 2023.

48. 10 Occasions Where Cryptocurrency Appeared on Mainstream Television

Although the crypto’s push for mainstream adoption has stalled in recent years, this, however, has not affected its growing affinity for mainstream media. News outlets dedicate a chunk of their resources to track the happenings in the crypto space and its after-effect on the prices of cryptocurrencies.

49. Crypto Trading Tips: What’s AMM And How To Use It?

Cryptocurrency exchanges with AMM are different from traditional ones, and in this article we will find out how.

50. In Crypto, Businesses Die but the Protocols Persist

The biggest crypto lending platform, trading firm, broker, and #2 crypto exchange all collapsed. Yet, crypto persists. How? Why?

51. COVID-19 and the Decentralized Economy

Testing the System

52. Can the NFT Save the Digital Magazine?

I the last 25 years, magazines have lost most of their market share to social networks. Can the NFT save the digital magazine industry?

53. Why the Ethereum Merge Could Be Pivotal for DeFi and Crypto

The Ethereum Merge is a significant event in blockchain history that has been heavily hyped by many individuals and investors, including financial experts. After years of development, the gigantic Ethereum upgrade known as the Merge has finally happened, switching the digital machinery at the core of the second-largest cryptocurrency by market value to a considerably more energy-efficient system.

54. Security Exchange Commission SEC Has Officially Delisted Long Blockchain Corporation

The stock of Long Blockchain corporation has delisted by the SEC after the company renamed itself from Long island iced tea corporation.

55. Blockchain in Fintech: A Catalyst for Disruption in Finance World

Since the launch of Bitcoin a decade ago, the blockchain has continued to grow in popularity. It has found use cases outside of cryptocurrency. In the fintech industry, technology is making a huge impact. As a result, startups and mainstream companies in the finance world are showing a lot of interest in this technology.

56. How Crypto Fund Iconium is Leading The Charge for Web3

In this post we’ll be looking at how crypto investment fund Iconium is leading the charge for development of Web3 infrastructure.

57. Will an Increase in Institutional Investment Lead to Increase in Cryptocurrency Prices?

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain became a much more common topic following the boom of late 2017. 2018’s ICO fundraising numbers proved that there were a lot of fresh retail investors thirsty for the technology and the investment potential. The market was discussed increasingly on traditional finance shows and headlines would ask such questions as “Is Bitcoin the new gold?”.

58. Will High Gas Fees Pose a Roadblock to Blockchain Adoption?

The transaction fees associated with Ethereum are likely to stand in the way of its mass adoption by increasing the cost of using the cryptocurrency.

59. Mastering Consensus Mechanisms: 15 Powerful Forms of Distributed Agreements in Crypto

In this article, we will dissect one of the most important technical aspects upon which the entire industry is built: Consensus Mechanisms

60. Chain reaction: What will the next decade of blockchain look like?

For a mechanical entity that nobody was aware of just three years ago, blockchain has certainly come a long way. Bitcoin’s rise in popularity turned the blockchain technology that drives it firmly into the limelight, but what does the future hold for this brave new world?

61. Deciding What Kind of Exchange Is Best for Your Token

Where is it better to list tokens on a centralized or decentralized exchange? In the new Hackernoon story, I answer what is better for the project — CEX or DEX

62. Is the IMF Pressuring Countries to Abolish Crypto?

The IMF recently took a strong stance against crypto regulations in Argentina, warning of potential legal and financial issues. It's clear the IMF isn't keen on

63. 5 Legal Aspects of US Law That Crypto Needs to Consider

how is crypto regulated and what legal challenges do businesses and crypto enthusiasts face

64. A New Path to Financial Inclusivity With Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The use of cryptocurrency helps to improve financial inclusion by providing a cheaper and faster way for people who are not able to access traditional banking.

65. Two Truths and a Lie About Altcoins

You’re hearing a lot about altcoins from bitmojis, analysts, and commentators. Read on for two truths you might not realize and one lie you might believe.

66. Crypto Newbies: Expectation vs. Reality

This is a short comparison of Crypto Newbie’s Expectations Vs. Reality when entering the Crypto world.

67. Hey Crypto, Want Visa to Leave you Alone? KYC

People cannot wait for a civil debate to finish. They need security now.

68. Should Small Businesses Accept Crypto by Default?

Cryptocurrency is frequently discussed as a speculative investment, but its main purpose is to function as a mainstream currency.

69. Like the Internet, Blockchain Needs Inclusion to Spread

"I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air. Unregulated Crypto Assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity."

70. With Altcoins, Big is Not Safe. Often, it’s the Opposite

Only 11 of the top 100 altcoins will survive (maybe less). Does that sound safe to you? Consider an alternative.

71. Could India's Remittance Sector Pave The Way For Crypto Adoption?

The historic judgement by the Supreme Court of India in March this year overturned the banking ban imposed by the Indian Central Bank RBI. The decision brought a lease of new life into the Indian crypto ecosystem where many were living in uncertainty for almost two years. The Supreme Court hearing not only helped the very few existing crypto startups and exchanges but also paved the path for many other entrepreneurs who were looking to start a crypto business outside India.

72. Should We Legalize Market Manipulation for Crypto?

Perhaps a safe harbor or white hat standard . . .

73. The Irony Of High Crypto Holders Amid Nigeria's CBN Ban

The Nigerian crypto ban has sent a mixed reaction into the market with its hostile stance against cryptocurrencies while adopting blockchain.

74. How Crypto is Giving Rise to Digital Dogma

Digital dogma helps with tech adoption, identity, and making complex topics more accessible. But digital dogma can also be limiting -- especially within crypto.

75. Is Crypto a Safe-Haven? It is if You're Very Wealthy

For a long time, crypto enthusiasts around the world have touted Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a safe haven for investors in times of economic trouble.

76. The Three Countries Helping Europe Lay Claim to the Crypto Crown

As crypto firms face uncertainty in the US and outright bans in China, these three countries are helping make Europe the crypto capital of the world.

77. How To Bridge the Abyss Between the Masses and Blockchain Adoption

Back in the good days, when we could still go to different blockchain conferences and meetups, one of the most common topics was “mass adoption”.

78. Altcoins: Stake Now or Forever HODL Your Peace

Staking gives you free crypto for helping out the protocol. Why aren't you doing it?

79. The Self-Custody Trait of NFT Maximalists

NFT Boom - A New Wave of settlers Making Their Way Around the Onchain Frontier.

80. Why Crypto Degens Are Pumped about AI

The convergence of AI and blockchain can create a wide range of exciting new applications and services that could significantly improve our lives.

81. Long-Term Health of the Crypto Industry Needed This Culling

Either way, this was needed to wash out some of the nonsense in our space.

82. Leader's Speak : Chris Schneider, CMO of [Interview]

This week have with us Chris Schneider, CMO of, a newly launch crypto asset trading platform based out of Singapore. Chris joins me today to discuss the current crypto scene in Singapore and his personal viewpoints regarding the blockchain market on an international scale

83. A Closer Look at the Crypto Regulations Proposed in the UK

A Closer Look at the Crypto Regulation Proposed in the UK

84. The Power of Whitepapers: Ensuring Quality Control in the Crypto Industry

One of the most pragmatic ways to implement quality control in crypto decision-making process is monitoring a project’s attention to detail in its whitepaper.

85. The Benefits of DeFi in the Crypto-Gaming Industry

A look at the benefits of defi in the crypto-gaming industry

86. Which Kind of Crypto Trader Are You?

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, four trader archetypes have arrived to scoop up crypto gains and minimize crypto losses.

87. What is an Account Abstraction on Ethereum? How Will It Contribute to Crypto Adoption?

Ethereum's latest implementation of EIP-4337, deployed on March 1st, 2023, addresses the UX problem with a solution called Account Abstraction. But what is it?

88. Should the Crypto Industry Start Asking For Regulation at This Point?

For most of the history of the cryptocurrency industry, anything that brought the market too close to so-called incumbent institutions was anathema to true believers. That's part of the reason that so many crypto evangelists chafed at central governments' plans to launch nationalized crypto projects. It's also part of the reason why you'd see such vehement pushback whenever experts would call for the regulation of the industry.

89. The Power of NFTs: Art, Function, and Ownership

What is the deal with NFTs anyway?

90. The Current State of Cryptocurrencies in Africa

In a Yahoo finance publication, Nigeria, Africa's largest economy, ranked number one for countries using cryptocurrencies the most. This was while the country plunged deep into a recession in 2020.

91. How Businesses Can Benefit From Cryptocurrency Adoption

Businesses and entrepreneurs are gradually expressing more interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which are now trending topics. Being a CEO of global financial ecosystem Kyrrex CEO, let me outline why companies need crypto and explain the advantages of implementing it.

92. Why Cryptocurrency Doesn’t Need to Compete With Government Money

As the global financial crisis accelerates, cryptocurrency has returned to mainstream public discourse. You know bitcoin has reached some level of legitimacy when Bloomberg Radio quotes its price.

93. A Brief History of Money: From Barter to Banknotes to Bitcoin

This article breaks down everything you need to know about the origin of money and bitcoin. What was the earliest form of money and why is bitcoin important.

94. Using Crypto for Other Investments

Is it a good idea to use cryptocurrencies to pay for other investments?

95. Dash's Thailand co-Founder on its Progress and What's In the Pipelines: [Interview]

Felix Mago is a veteran of the crypto industry who has been working in the blockchain sphere since 2014. He is the Co-Founder of FUTERIO, a Europe-Asia Blockchain and ICO Hub, and the author of the “Bitcoin Handbook”. Felix is also the Head of the German “Blocktech Institute” which helps corporates from all sectors in finding their blockchain potentials.

96. The Future of DeFi - Emerging Evolution

The future of DeFi and whole crypto industry is Multi-Chain / Cross-Chain. Protocols cooperating to provide user with experience close to CEX like Binance.

97. Why Is The Crypto Market Down Right Now?

If you take a look at the overall crypto market right now, things aren’t looking too good. Every major cryptocurrency you can think of has a very low price!

98. Crypto Meets High Fashion

Crypto Fashion Week presents a comprehensive overview of the exciting, emerging sector of digital fashion.

99. Crypto Mining Taxation: The Good and Bad Consequences For the Government

Governments around the world may have turned a blind eye on cryptocurrency taxation some years ago, but the same is not the case today. Countries like the U.S. and Canada, have set laws defining cryptocurrency taxes on the buying, spending, trading, and mining of these digital assets in a bid to remove ambiguity.

100. 5 Innovative NFT Projects and Platforms to Look Out for in 2022

As NFT's continue to grow in popularity, new platforms and projects come into the market. In this post we'll look at five of these project.

101. Gen Z’s Money Legos Have to Mature for Mainstream DeFi Adoption

Creative destruction might ultimately become the driving force towards a more open and fair financial system, and communities like WBS are just the start of it.

102. 11 Defi Terms to Know Before You Buy Your First Crypto

Decentralized Finance is unchartered territory for most non-crypto users. If you are ready to invest in cryptocurrencies, here are some important terms to know.

103. The Best Crypto Marketing Agencies for Advertising Cryptocurrency Projects in 2022

We compiled a list of the best crypto marketing agencies for advertising cryptocurrency projects in 2022.

104. Account Abstraction: The True Path to Mass Blockchain Adoption

Hi, My name is Andrii Bondar. I'm a product designer working on the zkSync project, a Layer 2 solution for scaling the Ethereum blockchain. As a product designer, I always was interested in how we can make mass adoption of blockchain. I started to wonder about this after realizing that today's technologies are ready for this.

105. A Sane Person's Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency

Some of the readers are probably saying to themselves, but what about Robinhood? That seems like an easy way to buy cryptocurrencies at first glance.

106. Tokenizing the Wine Industry with Somm Marc Flores

According to Research and Markets, the global wine industry is growing at a CAGR of 3.7 percent. It will reach $201 billion by 2025 and $434 billion by 2027. In the U.S. alone, the wine industry was valued at over 88 billion by the end of 2020.

107. Who Gets to Decide What Good is?

It happens all the time—you search for anything in Google or Apple Store and get millions of suggested results

108. Interesting Events That Are Happening in the Crypto Space 2022

Let's look at some essential developments within the crypto space this year.

109. How to Receive Crypto Donations: the Case of Ukraine

Do You know how ONG use #crypto as a #donation, and what to check to control the balance sheet?

110. How the War in Ukraine Unveiled the True Potential of Crypto

Here's how crypto became a lifeline for millions of Ukrainians affected by the war.

111. Crypto Will Never Replace a Major Currency (and It Doesn’t Need To)

Crypto will never replace a major currency (and it doesn't need to in order to be successful)

112. The Risks and Rewards of Crypto Payments for Freelancers in 2023

Is it too soon to accept crypto as payment in 2022? Let's discuss a number of pros and cons of accepting crypto payments as a freelancer and business owner.

113. A Look at Gleec: The Integrated Blockchain Tools Platform

A look at Gleec and how it works.

114. Fed Up with Banks? Welcome to the Crypto Club.

Failing banking system, cryptocurrency adoption, DeFi, cross-border payments, and other financial aspects that should evolve to brink the unbanked into the game

115. Is Investing In Cryptocurrency A Smart Move for Retirement?

The rise of cryptocurrency can be the next big thing to invest in, which is why it is a good idea to know what it is and what makes it so great.

116. How to Secure Your Crypto Assets: Takeaways from the FTX Collapse

Despite different risks, crypto remains a highly attractive investment asset, primarily because of its utility and potential returns.

117. Crypto Adoption in Europe Lags Behind Rest of the World

In this slogging thread, our community discusses their thoughts on crypto adoption and the current European ranking on the topic.

118. Bitcoin Adoption: Where Do The Countries Stand?

what emerging economies gain from adopting bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

119. Litecoin: Lite On Love

LTC is the cryptocurrency world’s ultimate wallflower.

120. An Introduction to Cryptocurrency Options and How They Work

An introduction to crypto options

121. The Case for Immediate Crypto Industry Regulation: Why Postponing Is Not an Option

Although experts and participants have long pointed out imperfections in the crypto industry, regulatory institutions have continued to delay decisions.

122. Cybersecurity in Crypto Trading: Beyond Bad Trading Decisions

3Commas case raised questions about security in crypto trading. There are no solutions that work 100% but you can reduce risks by paying attention to details.

123. dApps: An important step for Blockchain adaptation

It is a well-known fact that blockchain is becoming more widespread; therefore, its daily life functions continue to increase. As part of the adaptation, many initiatives are taking essential steps for the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

124. FIAT-based Exchanges Play A Major Role In Helping The Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

Over the past year, the demand for regulated crypto investment products has grown by several times.

125. The Proof is in the Pudding: Crypto's Existential Test

The cryptocurrency industry has never shied away from making big claims. And nor should it; blockchain technology is truly revolutionary. Decentralized cryptocurrencies and stablecoins offer hundreds of millions of people an alternative to their hyperinflating local currency, an alternative that cannot be seized by a bankrupt government overnight. Smart contracts bring equitable agreements to the billions of people living in countries that lack fair and stable judicial systems.

126. Where Can JJ Richman Possibly Be?

Right now I am trying to get in contact with Jonha. I have a question to ask her. If you know her or perhaps live on the same street or maybe go to the same cafe would you mind asking her to give me a buzz.

In February of this year I interviewed the lovely Jonha Richman.  The article is below – it is a gentle article that spends more time on another podcast – Planet Money – than her story but I liked it well enough.

127. Tech Giant’s Interest Sends Cryptocurrency Prices Sharply Higher

The crypto market boost comes after the technology giants Amazon and Twitter both disclosed the fact that they are taking cryptocurrencies more seriously

128. Investing in Crypto is not an Art

Crypto is everywhere. It is here to stay, and investing in Cryptocurrency is not an art anymore.

129. Are Crypto Airdrops Broken?

The concept of airdrops has been around as a marketing tool just about forever. Both upstart companies and well-established brands use the airdrop approach to drive awareness and engagement, encourage trial and purchase, and target likely buyers. In the non-crypto world, it appears as free trials, direct mail offers, bundled package inserts, or even Costco aisle samples. I vividly remember as a child how excited I got when the March of Dimes would include a dime in their direct mail as an incentive to open the envelope and hopefully donate. (Hey, a dime was a lot back when I was a kid!)

130. Could Cryptocurrencies Finally Go Viral in 2020?

2020 is the best time to talk about mass user adoption in crypto. After a decade of development and innovation, a year of hype, and two years of stagnation, now is finally the time to “reap the fruits” of our efforts.

131. The Persistence of Crypto and its Breach of Mainstream Consciousness

Trends come and go, but some things in our world stick around and become the new way of life. When the internet first emerged in the early 90s, no one was quite sure of the potential and how it would permanently change the world and the way our society functions.

132. Make Way for the Crypto Tortoise

Slow and steady wins the crypto race (in bull and bear markets)

133. Blockchain Mass Adoption: What Are The Main Blockers?

Let’s talk today about the mass adoption of the blockchain.

134. Is DeFi a Breakthrough for the Blockchain Industry?

The blockchain industry started twelve years ago with the release of Bitcoin. That was a shock, a huge slap for the traditional financial system. However, from another angle, it was a Big Bang of a Decentralized finance universe.

135. Crypto Adoption or Abandonment: What Will India Decide?

As a result, the rushed RBI 2018 proposed ban on crypto trading left the Indian traders uncertain about the future for over two years.

136. Benefits of Cryptocurrency Lending

Why You Should Use Cryptocurrency Lending

137. Institutions Will Buy Crypto Once This One Thing Changes

Boomers keep dying. Millennials are inheriting their assets. Gen-Z is starting to get jobs and make money. Wall Street needs to keep its options open.

138. 5 Platforms to Buy and Sell Bitcoin for US Residents

We'll look at some of the different exchanges US-based investors can use to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

139. Exciting New Events That Are Happening in the Blockchain Space 2022

Let's look at some exciting new events in the blockchain industry for 2022.

140. A Novel as an NFT: Elle Griffin and the Author's Challenge

How Elle Griffin used NFTs to fund her novel

141. Here's Why I'll Continue Buying NFTs

Tech investor, Visa Kannan, reflects on becoming a new NFT-owner. What the upside scenarios look like, the value NFTs bring and also if she would buy another.

142. Will Crypto Market Survive the COVID-19 Outbreak?

COVID-19 fears have plagued the global markets, sending the majority of commodities, equities, and other assets to a bearish journey with no known return ticket. While the global economy is struggling to stay afloat, many countries are urgently trying to figure out plans on how to contain the virus.

143. Managing Your Digital Assets: A Guide to Accounting

With the increasing acceptance of crypto, the need for its accounting has become evident. Here, we’ll refer to crypto as a digital asset.

144. "We, The Crypto Community Are Excited About The Coming Months" - Vladimir Nosov

The crypto industry is currently in a critical growth phase fueled by the influx of institutional traders and intensified engagement with crypto assets. This budding crypto era, connoted by the price rally of digital assets and the explosion of DeFI protocols, coincides with a period of increased uncertainty in a majority of traditional markets. Experts believe that the unbridled spending of governments in the guise of economic relief programs could lead to a catastrophic end. As such, institutional investors are increasingly opting for cryptocurrencies and precious metals to hedge against inflation. According to a report by Fidelity Investments, 36% of the 774 institutional investors surveyed across Europe and America own cryptocurrencies or its derivatives.

145. Dollar Devaluation Drives Enterprises to Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin was born as a solution to the damage created by money printing. With the decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies, we can solve this problem.

146. Cryptocurrencies Will Go Mainstream in the U.S. and Other Bold Predictions for 2020

Everybody’s making predictions about 2020, mostly about the price of bitcoin.

147. 5 Things Standing in the Way of Crypto Asset Institutionalization — and How to Fix Them

When will we see crypto become a fully-fledged institutionalized asset class?

148. Should Traditional Finance Companies Adopt Crypto?

The payments industry is evolving at a fast rate.

149. Gaming - Not DeFi - will Provide Mass Crypto Adoption

Can gaming be the killer app for cryptocurrencies? Lepricon thinks it can.

150. The Rise of Cryptocurrencies in Latin America: Interview

The international blockchain industry size is projected to rise from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 39.7 billion by 2025, at a remarkable Compound Annual Growth Rate ( CAGR) of 67.3 percent in 2020–2025. The growing need to automate business processes and the need for advanced supply chain management solutions of blockchain technologies are pushing the overall blockchain industry to higher ground.

151. Why Were Europol Officers Unable to Track Monero Transactions?

A Europol officer confessed that they could not track Monero (XMR) transactions.

152. The Elon-Twitter Love Affair: Is it Steamy Enough for Crypto and Tech?

Elon Musk Twitter association is expected to pave the way for the next-gen of social networking, web 3.0 adoption, and other tech-powered developments.

153. Entertainment Industry Tapping into Crypto's Vast Potential

Is there any way to adopt crypto as a method of payment for the entertainment industry? If yes, what are the advantages and pitfalls?

154. How To Maximize Your Arbitrage Trading Profits In 2020

Arbitrage is simple. Due to market inefficiencies, the same asset could be priced differently across the exchange. Therefore, you can buy an asset in one market and simultaneously sell it in another market at a higher price for profit. While considered to be a risk-free profit trading strategy, it’s almost impossible to execute manually as the key here is “simultaneously”.

155. A Deep Dive into Crypto

Bitcoin and whole crypto space are stronger than ever. A deep dive into reasons why crypto has solid foundations that are becoming even more solidified.

156. 15 Trends That Prove Crypto-Adoption Is Moving In The Right Direction

The blockchain sector is among the fastest-moving industries, susceptible to change and disruption. Here are 15 upcoming events to look out for in 2021.

157. Why “Digital Fiat Currencies” Need to be Based on Data Value

This article is in response to the announcement that the US is considering creating its own digital fiat currency, or "CBDC" (Central Bank Digital Currency), to improve “financial governance”.

158. 4 Crypto Charity Projects That Are Working to Improve the World

Let's look at four different cryptocurrency projects with philanthropic values.

159. Is It Too Late to Buy Crypto?: Top 5 Most Annoying Questions about Cryptocurrency

This article takes a look at questions that you might've asked as a newbie to cryptocurrency. Is it too late to buy in?

160. An Interview With Crypto Expert and Token Guru Eloisa Marchesoni

My conversation with the youngest female cryptocurrency consultant in the industry

161. How To Become a Cryptocurrency Broker [Compliantly and Profitably]

How To Become a Crypto Broker? There are three ways. One of them is the quickest and best from the effort/revenue ratio perspe

162. The rise of Virtual Fashion and the very first Crypto-Fashion week

The first crypto fashion week just happened, making way for a new wave of fashion but without the materiality.

163. Could Akon City Pave The Way To Real-Life Crypto Wakanda?

Pop stars are never far from the news, and it can often feel like you’ve seen it all and heard it all when more coverage of glamorous exploits and overly-ambitious business projects emerge. However, US artist Akon may have broken new ground when he announced that he’s set to build a futuristic city in Senegal that runs entirely on cryptocurrencies.

164. 30 Most Influential People In Blockchain Industry

Cryptocurrencies are fastly becoming part of our life thanks to the work of thousands of individuals that are pushing hard to see masses adopting crypto. In this piece, I have compiled a list of the most influential people in crypto today based on their contributions to the industry.

165. The Centralizing Forces of Decentralization: Why do we keep Enabling This?

It has been almost three years now since we last heard the promises of mass adoption, usability, scalability, proof of X and all those phrases no one really understood. While others saw that time as a period of prosperity, I would have to disagree and point out a few flaws in the system.

166. Top 20 Promising Blockchain Projects in 2020

Blockchain tech is gradually integrating with the current industries as big corporations and startups seek solutions based on this new innovation. Forbes has since taken up the initiative to list 50 best projects leveraging blockchain; this year’s publication marks the second annual ‘Blockchain 50’ ranking by the magazine.

167. Can Crypto Grow out of Its Bro Culture Stigma?

With crypto promising changes to both the world of finance and the global balance of power, it’s all the more important to ensure it's gender inclusive.

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