The Anatomy of A $105 Million Cryptocurrency ICO: Decentralizing The Future of Renewable Energy

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At 31 years old I’m tired. I’m tired of working on 5 different projects at the same time just to make a living, and I’m tired of working on things that ultimately just make money and don’t really help both the people and planet. Sure, some of the projects I’m working on solve amazing problems, but ultimately the incentive is profit, and it is exhausting. I do not want to keep jumping from client to client, startup to startup for the rest of my life. Instead I truly desire the stability to focus the rest of my life towards solving problems that actually matter while helping the greatest number of people.

That is why I’ve decided to shift my focus away from trying to win in a fixed economy, and instead create my own global economy with the help of some exceptional people and amazing new technologies. I’ve teamed up with a former Pentagon Analyst and Marine, as well as a software architect, aerospace engineer, mechanical engineer and former Marine, and my younger brother who is a business consultant and crypto day trader.

We just launched a pre-sale initial coin offering (ICO) at with the goal of raising $5 million in cryptocurrency to kick start our initial operations. The longterm goal is to then raise a $100 million crypto fund after the launch of the ReNu Coin cryptocurrency sometime in the near future.

I’ve thought long and hard about how to make an impact on this world, and ultimately renewable energy is by far the most important thing I believe I can dedicate my life to. I say this not as an engineer, or anyone with any kind of fancy degree (I’m actually a college dropout), I am just a hacker who believes much like Nikola Tesla did, that this universe is made up of energy, frequency, and vibration.

Power to the people.

The path towards helping anyone on this planet leverage technology to get ahead is through energy. Energy that right now is not accessible to those who need it most. Meanwhile, those who do have energy are burning fossil fuels and polluting our earth for reasons that simply not logical. Our centralized oil based systems of energy generation is aging and running out, and a new decentralized renewable energy system needs to be developed to bolster and ultimately replace our centralized system before it fails.

The fact of the matter is the technology already exists to provide renewable energy to everyone. Technologies like biomass generators that can turn trash into energy already exist, as do sewage systems that generate power. The only factor that needs to be solved for is a value creation system that rewards humans for using renewable energy so we can incentivize people to use renewables. We believe a global cryptocurrency designed to empower people from the bottom-up is a solution to incentivize the masses to value generating their own energy. With that said, building such a system around an existing oil based currency and economy simply makes no sense. We instead need to build a new better system from the ground up leveraging modern blockchain technology for a new renewable reality.

I really see this project not as a company, or single entity, but an investment in the idea of creating a decentralized ecosystem for renewable energy.

Ultimately, our goal is for this technology to exist so that we can give it away to the World and give the entire planet the foundational tools they need to implement renewable energy. At the end of the day, it is just software and some hardware needed to solve these problems. The hard part, is actually convincing people to integrate renewable energy into their daily lives, and we believe giving them an incentive is an amazing opportunity to do so.

Do we have everything figured out?

Of course not, we are just a group of engineers, hackers, business professionals, and bureaucrats trying to make a difference in the world. We know we do not have all the answers, but believe we can create the technology to connect those who do.

If we can successfully raise this $5 million pre-ICO in cryptocurrencies our plan is to pull in top scientists, business leaders, politicians, and professors from around the world to help humanity find the answers to some of our generations toughest challenges.

This is about creating the blockchain tools needed to connect a global community that believes in the power of renewable energy. All we need to do is create the decentralized technology to help them connect, trade, and interact with each other in an open transparent way by leveraging technologies that already exist. This means no more backdoor deals, fudging numbers, or incentivizing profits over people. The blockchain will provide an open transparent system for buying, selling, and trading renewable energy and technologies in a way that this world has never seen before.

We realize it is likely going to take the rest of our lives to solve some of the challenges ahead of us, but that is the point of this project. In order to spend the rest of our lives solving real problems for the benefit of all humanity instead of investing our time in making money for a corrupt system that is destroying our planet.

It is time to do away with the old way of doing things, and instead create something new. That is why we are doing a cryptocurrency raise only, and actually practicing what we preach by using blockchain technology to raise the capital we need to change the World.

Will this idea work?

I have no idea, this is a highly risky experiment to attempt to build a new system, a better system on new experimental technology. For our team to be able to focus on a project of this scale it is going to require substantial resources but we have to start somewhere, and we believe $5 million is enough to develop our cryptocurrency and smart contract system so that we can be in a position to develop the tools of tomorrow.

This is not a get rich scheme, but a lifetime commitment towards making renewable energy available to everyone, regardless of privilege or economic status. If this is a bad idea, then so be it, but we don’t believe it is.

If you know someone with the means to help us fund our ICO please share this with them, and if you have the power to help us, then please consider contributing at This is cryptocurrency raise only, and we need other radical people to believe in us and help humanity find a new path towards renewable energy.

You can learn more about our intentions by reading our Green Paper at, and find us on Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook.



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