The AI, Autonomous Vehicles and Future of Cities Live Streamed Round Table with Dennis R. by@mattwardio

The AI, Autonomous Vehicles and Future of Cities Live Streamed Round Table with Dennis R.



Are you interested in AI, driverless cars and the future of cities? The Syndicate is hosting a live streamed round table. Don’t miss out.

Dennis Mortensen a super successful serial entrepreneur with 3 exits and is currently the founder of His company has raised $44M and are solving the issues of scheduling and personal assistants. He has a ton of experience dealing with large data sets and founded several successful analytics companies.

Prateek Joshi is an 8 time author and researcher/thought leader in the field of AI. He’s given 3x TEDx talks on applied AI and deep learning and is the founder of Pluto AI— a startup using AI for something meaningful, smart water analytics and management.

Clara Brenner is the Co-Founder of Tumml and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. She is also a Managing Partner at The Urban Innovation Fund. Ms. Brenner is responsible for the firm’s partnership development, marketing, fundraising and building the organization’s national presence and working closely with the organization’s portfolio companies.

Zach Coelius is an accomplished startup founder and an even better angel investor. As a syndicate lead, Zach was an early investor in Cruise Automation, the driverless car startup later acquired by GM for $1B. Zach is a humble and knowledge investor, advising and investing in numerous startups and offers an in-depth jack of all trades view on future of tech and society.

We covered a wide range of topics from level 5 autonomy, Tesla and the driverless competition, the future of transportation, the implications and disruptions of displaced jobs and much much more.


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