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The 6 Best Project Management Tools for Software Development

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6 Must-Try Project Management Tools for Software Development

When you are working on a project and everything seems scattered don’t worry. If you are freelancing and feel overwhelmed, you can find help. There are project management tools out there to help you get organized and help with communication within your team and with your clients. Different project management tools have different features. Here are six of the best project management tools for software development.


If you love Gantt charts and want to be organized, this project management tool with the intuitive interface and nice UX design will work for you. GanttPRO was created for building perfectly visualized timelines and plans. The tool can be easily used by IT teams and freelancers alike as well as many other teams from marketing, construction, retail, manufacturing, etc. The varied templates for software development teams will make creating projects much faster.

GanttPRO is flexible. You can switch to a Board view that looks like a Kanban board. The software offers simple planning as well as other features like progress tracking, resource workload, deadlines, tasks assignment, critical path, auto-scheduling, export, baseline, export, and sharing.

GanttPRO is cloud-hosted so everyone has access 24 hours seven days a week. It helps keep clients, partners or stakeholders in the loop and make sure they are aware of any project updates.

GanttPRO takes privacy seriously. Among their customers, you find NASA, DHL, Hubspot, and more world-known giants.

You can sign up for a free 14-day trial. The learning curve is really short.

2. Jira Software


Jira Software uses Scrum boards to enhance communication within teams and clients and improve an organization. These Scrum boards can be used by software development teams, human resources, freelancers, marketing departments, and more. It is a versatile board that anyone can learn to use.

Kanban boards are also used by Jira Software. These boards are used to let your team know what is happening in the future. Both boards flow together to create a great project management tool.

3. LiquidPlanner


This project management tool helps you see what is happening in real life time. If an adjustment is made, every part of the plan is adjusted accordingly right away. You can tell if one of your workers has too much on their plate, or when certain projects are due. You can use Card View to see how your plan is going from pending to in progress and approved. There are integrated budgeting and time management tools built into their systems to make tracking of your budget easier.

4. Basecamp


With Basecamp, software development teams can create message boards, to-do lists, documents, use file storage, work with schedules, communicate in group chats, direct messages, and more. There is a check-in question section that allows you to ask your team questions and get a response on a single thread.

Basecamp also has Client Access which allows you to forward clients to-do’s, messages, emails, and more in one single area. It is easy to use for you and your client.

With Hill Charts, you can see progress, annotate updates, and more. Basecamp reports allow you to know when something is due and what is due today. You can use Reports to find out what has been done and what still needs to be completed.

Basecamp is flexible and allows you to send email links to people who are not on Basecamp. You can also customize your project and embed videos.

5. Smartsheet


Smartsheet uses widget driven dashboards to help you with decision making. You can access your information in real time while Smartsheet helps your team identify trends and deal with pressing issues. Smartsheet also has built-in integration to help you sync with Microsoft Office 365, Jira, Salesforce, and more.

You can build custom applications with Smartsheet and quickly collaborate with precision with your clients and teams. Smartsheet is easy to use for you and your team and can be used throughout your organization.

6. Wrike


Wrike supplies you with customizable dashboards that you can adjust to your different projects and be flexible with your software development. They use Dynamic Request Forms and Gantt charts to help you schedule, prioritize, and assign tasks.

Custom Workflows shows a clear progress picture. You can also use the Wrike Proof Tool to share visually and provide feedback. Collaboration is easy with Wrike. You can tag videos and you are able to provide instant feedback.

Wrike can be used by software developers, creative teams, marketers and all of your company’s teams. Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Box, and more can be connected to Wrike to help your software development team connect and progress.

Using project management tools for your software development team will help you be more organized. You can track your team progress and make sure everyone is doing what they should be doing. If someone is falling behind, you can reassign their tasks to help get the job done. You can collaborate with your team members and customers to make the whole process smoother. Project management tools are an essential product for software development and freelancers alike.

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