The 59 Best Technology Journalism Stories Published in 2020by@Deirdre
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The 59 Best Technology Journalism Stories Published in 2020

by DeirdreDecember 14th, 2020
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In a year dominated by pandemic, there was also a lot of notable technology news and analysis.
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In a year dominated by pandemic, there was also a lot of notable technology news and analysis.

Take a stroll back through a year that felt like a century with my compendium of the best tech reporting, writing, and commentary of 2020:


Sonos said what every smaller tech company was thinking: working with big tech sucks
Dieter Bohn, The Verge

We’re fighting fake news AI bots by using more AI. That’s a mistake.
Samuel Woolley, MIT Technology Review

YouTube moderators are being forced to sign a statement acknowledging the job can give them PTSD
Casey Newton, The Verge


Why Facebook’s data-sharing project ballooned into a 2-year debacle
Issie Lapowsky, Protocol

Here’s the File Clearview AI Has Been Keeping on Me, and Probably on You Too
Anna Merlan, Motherboard/VICE

Big Tech’s Takeovers Finally Get Scrutiny
Kara Swisher, The New York Times

Why Your State Has Terrible Internet Access
Karl Bode, Motherboard/VICE


Pixar’s computer graphics pioneers have won the $1 million Turing Award
Charlotte Jee, MIT Technology Review

Why Don’t We Just Ban Targeted Advertising?
Gilad Edelman, Wired


How a nonprofit you’ve never heard of made the web safer for everyone
Glenn Fleishman, Fast Company

You Can Now Check If Your ISP Uses Basic Security Measures
Lily Hay Newman, Wired

Another pandemic woe: Zoom fatigue
Scott Rosenberg, Axios


Poynter Institute launches WhatsApp chatbot to debunk coronavirus-related hoaxes
Manish Singh, TechCrunch

Facebook will pay $52 million in settlement with moderators who developed PTSD on the job
Casey Newton, The Verge

Chrome will start blocking resource-heavy ads in August
Emil Protalinski, VentureBeat

Microsoft: We were wrong about open source, but luckily you can change
Liam Tung, ZDNet


DOD's third attempt to implement IPv6 isn't going well
Catalin Cimpanu, ZDNet

Amazon sues former AWS marketing VP Brian Hall after he takes Google Cloud job
Todd Bishop, GeekWire

IBM will no longer offer, develop, or research facial recognition technology
Jay Peters, The Verge

AWS said it mitigated a 2.3 Tbps DDoS attack, the largest ever
Catalin Cimpanu, ZDNet

The FBI said it used Instagram, Etsy, and LinkedIn to track down a protester in Philadelphia accused of setting a police car on fire
Lisa Eadicicco, Business Insider

Why tech didn’t save us from covid-19
David Rotman, MIT Technology Review


China’s Software Stalked Uighurs Earlier and More Widely, Researchers Learn
Paul Mozur and Nicole Perlroth, The New York Times

Inside Facebook’s exclusive clubs for its top advertisers
Hannah Murphy, Financial Times

Facebook gets in a Twitter tangle
Casey Newton, The Interface

The Work-From-Home Shift Shocked Companies—Now They’re Learning Its Lessons
Christopher Mims, The Wall Street Journal

Microsoft Said to Be in Talks to Buy TikTok, as Trump Weighs Curtailing App
Mike Isaac, Ana Swanson, and Alan Rappeport, The New York Times

Nvidia in talks to buy Arm from SoftBank for more than $32bn
Arash Massoudi, Tim Bradshaw, and James Fontanella-Khan, Financial Times


The Pandemic Workday Is 48 Minutes Longer and Has More Meetings
Jeff Green, Bloomberg

TikTok Ban? Creators and Fans Are Big Mad
Taylor Lorenz, The New York Times

Insecure satellite Internet is threatening ship and plane safety
Dan Goodin, Ars Technica

Why quantum computing matters
Bryan Walsh, Axios


Wirecard and me: Dan McCrum on exposing a criminal enterprise
Dan McCrum, Financial Times

Unlimited Information Is Transforming Society
Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway, Scientific American

Apple v. Epic — a briefing on the antitrust arguments and interesting facts
Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat

"I Have Blood On My Hands": A Whistleblower Says Facebook Ignored Global Political Manipulation
Craig Silverman, Ryan Mac, and Pranav Dixit, BuzzFeed News

Ransomware attack at German hospital leads to death of patient
Lawrence Abrams, BleepingComputer

Can Big Tech save the planet? Maybe not, but it won't be for lack of trying
Jerry Bowles, Diginomica

Amazon details its low-bandwidth Sidewalk neighborhood network, coming to Echo and Tile devices soon
Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch

How Work Became an Inescapable Hellhole
Anne Helen Petersen, Wired


The Eighth Wonder of the World
Josh Dzieza, The Verge

Artificial intelligence and the antitrust case against Google
Khari Johnson, VentureBeat

Governments are using the pandemic as an excuse to restrict internet freedom
Charlotte Jee, MIT Technology Review

25 moments in tech that defined the past 25 years
Fast Company Staff, Fast Company

The Justice Dept.’s Lawsuit Against Google: Too Little, Too Late
Kara Swisher, The New York Times

Quibi Is Shutting Down Barely Six Months After Going Live
Benjamin Mullin, Joe Flint, and Maureen Farrell, The Wall Street Journal

Taking Back Our Privacy
Anna Wiener, The New Yorker


Someone has transferred ~$1 billion from a bitcoin wallet quiet since 2015
Dan Goodin, Ars Technica

Marissa Mayer wants to clean up your contacts, and that’s just for starters
Harry McCracken, Fast Company

CVS becomes first national retailer to offer support for PayPal and Venmo QR codes at checkout
Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

Trump Fires Security Chief Christopher Krebs
Brian Krebs, Krebs on Security

Amazon Works to Avoid Google’s Fate With EU Antitrust Regulators
Aoife White, Bloomberg

Apple to pay $113M settlement over its iPhone 'batterygate' slowdowns
Ian Sherr, CNET

London A.I. Lab Claims Breakthrough That Could Accelerate Drug Discovery
Cade Metz, The New York Times


Google AI ethics co-lead Timnit Gebru says she was fired over an email
Khari Johnson, VentureBeat

Here’s the NLRB Complaint Alleging Google Illegally Fired and Surveilled Workers
Lauren Kaori Gurley, Motherboard/VICE

In 2020, Disinformation Broke the US
Jane Lytvynenko, BuzzFeed News

Armed police raid home of Florida scientist fired over Covid-19 data
Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

Huawei tested AI software that could recognize Uighur minorities and alert police, report says
Drew Harwell and Eva Dou, The Washington Post

Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann from Pixabay