10 Leading Email Marketing Tools in 2018

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Love For Newsletters

“A confession from an Okay-ish marketer — I Am Not That Dumb Nowadays”

Thanks to the newsletters and whoever is sending them through whatever tools they’ve signed up with.

I personally never thought that emails will set to make such an amazing comeback — slack-jawed!

Especially when our world is being ruled by some of the unbelievably powerful technologies. Somehow, few exceptional brands have had an early prediction about this — email’s resurgence within the marketing space.

To emphasize, brands like Litmus, MailChimp, Reach Mail, Target Hero and few other players are already nailing it. These brands preserved their values straight, without getting snarled up in the ongoing and everlasting rat race.

Let’s say it as an obtuse fad race.

While all this was going on, many businesses went off-track and lost their vision as they all wanted to adapt to every technological obsession that was emerging.

But we know, how every assumptions and moves that are made with least or no solid reasons will have to onboard the vanishing act someday.

And it finally did.

Yes, we definitely are still living with and are using some of the trendsetters who transmuted the online world into something fascinating. From facebook ad models to the present time trending hyper-personalised omnichannel marketing.

None of these are going to melt away any sooner. The emails will not too either.

Before that, with a huge flock of people on social media these days, the revival of email might come as a shocker to you. But after performing several analysis between user groups, it seems like emails have always lived and been building on their strengths by preserving tranquillity in the dark.

To back this up, here are a few stats from MailMunch explaining the effectiveness of Email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Image Source: MailMunch

Whereas ExactTarget says, that the majority of consumers check emails as the first thing than anything else.

Here is the proof,

And now, it’s the right time that email automation suits are solidifying their presence in the market. No doubt, that these brands are helping businesses grow as well they are aiding them to help their consumers instantly, almost in real-time.

A few days back, as I was configuring my newsletter. In midway I had an issue while I was mobile optimizing it. What did I do?

I went onto the Twitter and tagged the issue to the MailChimp team, got it sorted just in some minutes!

See it yourself,

Some of you might be a star behind that glossy screen, but honestly, I am not the one amongst you. I have never took a PS or an illustrator in hand and I don’t really know if email newsletters can be built on any of these.

If these considerably noble yet affordable email marketing brands are inflating their cost, I might have to think of other options.

“Probably door deliver my newsletters”

That’s going to be fun — if at all.

Just a note:
Hey darling email automation brands,
Never ever try to shoot up your product’s fee.
You might put holes in some of our pockets! And hear me out, I might have to quit living if you do so, as I’m just getting to do good things to the world and to my followers (Yes, I’ve some of them).
People are starting to subscribe, appreciate my works, few publications have approached me to serve them as a guest author (I’m happy, though I’m jobless right now, it’s tough to be so just realising it anyway).

First things first

Adequately, I am receiving a good set of newsletters daily morning, noon, and night, perpetually. Some of them slide in at the odd times, but who cares when they’ve thought-provoking messages to convey.

Tuning into a marketer, I would say, I have always wanted to craft email headlines (Ok, ok, subject lines) that attracted 100% open rate and 500% engagement and a box of chocolates.

A short time ago, I came across some of the genuine stats about how email marketing is starting to prise open again. And about the tools that are backing brands up by dispensing excellent templates, scheduling, and data analytic services.

In fact, I am not so surprised to see how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (remember this, ML is the subset of AL) are brilliantly implemented into the marketing arena.

Like how one of the living AI god (Adam Gabriel) mentioned them in concentric circles.

“Email marketing has some of the specifics to focus on”

It has to be engaging enough and must speak some value.

The effort your users have taken to subscribe to your mailing list (FYI, they know it’s an automated stuff) is priceless. To retain them, you’ll have to keep making headway in terms of quality and offer them wisdom juxtaposed with a delightful service.

“Just don’t spam their inbox”

Here are the 10 email marketing tools I admire though I am only taking liberties with MailChimp as of now.

If I’m offered 10 remote marketing jobs by 10 different brands, I might use all of these.

Take a look and share your thoughts. And also add, why in the world will you not add this article in your next newsletter! :P

  1. Litmus

2. MailChimp

3. ReachMail

4. TargetHero

5. Mad Mini

6. CakeMail

7. Mailjet

8. FlashIssue

9. Constant Contact

10. iContact

That’s all.

Send these →👏 👏 👏 how much ever you can…😃


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