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Telegram messenger advertising platform partners with FreeTON Blockchain

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Being in close proximity to the consumer is the cherished dream of every brand and it's key to a successful marketing strategy. What could be closer than a messenger? We communicate with friends and relatives, we look at it hundreds of times a day. Messenger has become a crucial part of everyday life.

Advertising in Telegram

Advertising in messengers is a new type of marketing. Imagine that your product / service is in the same trust zone with personal messages, in a place where advertising does not yet cause irritation or blindness. Telegram gives brands this opportunity. The widest reach of the target audience, lack of moderation and high impact make this messenger the perfect advertising platform. No matter your business type: whether it is in a gray zone like betting/gambling/crypto or your client is a huge brand like a bank / telecom company etc.

NOTE: Telegram is a Messenger founded by Pavel Durov (vkontakte). In 2020 its user base is estimated at 600 million users, primarily in Russia, Iran, India, Indonesia. Read more here

Telegram messenger advertising market has its own specifics. Since there is no official catalog of channels and a fixed price for 1 post (for example, placement in a channel with a small coverage can cost the same as in a larger one of a similar topic), it is rather difficult to find high-quality channels for a certain budget on your own. You will have to spend some time for search, communication with channel administrators, financial handling and subsequent control of the advertising post publishing. It is also difficult for channel administrators to reach out to a large advertiser or brand without having connections or contacts.

What is AdGram?

Adgram.io, is the largest Telegram advertising platform with almost 20,000,000 impressions reach potential worldwide. It takes the role of an intermediary and aggregator, helping brands to perform effective advertising campaigns, and administrators to monetize their channels and reach huge brands, taking all the communications, financial handling, channel selection both from its catalog (counts almost 5000+ channels) and from external sources.

AdGram and FreeTON partnership

In October, AdGram and FreeTON community declared a strategic partnership aimed to promote FreeTON community among Telegram users and promote TON Crystal, native FreeTON cryptocurrency as well. This partnership has tremendous mutual synergy for both sides: Telegram advertising mechanism itself creates huge amounts of microtransactions between advertisers and channel administrators. It requires a universal settlement tool and TON Crystal is the best candidate for this role. From the FreeTON perspective it is very important for a token to get a utility property and boost up the tokenomics. AdGram being a leader in this niche acquires a marketing and community building toolset to concrete its superior position.

It should be mentioned as an example the case of another FreeTON partner related to Telegram Messenger - Combot. It is the largest chat/group anti-spam and moderation tool. TON Crystal is implemented as an audience engagement boosting tool. Chat administrators can conduct token giveaways right in chat.

In addition, the partnership proposal between AdGram and FreeTON contains a detailed plan divided into several stages. One of the most important stages of the partnership is the motivation and governance of Telegram channel administrators in regions and countries where channels are not yet popular. It would be implemented by educating the market with the most effective mechanics and best practices. The knowledge base has been created, and it will eventually be scaled worldwide. ) and a whole incentive program and support through the distribution of bonuses in Ton Crystal.

The plan is aimed to popularize TON Crystal among advertisers through advertising in AdGram: company compensates the percentage of their commission for TON-based campaigns in order to stimulate the purchase of TON Crystals and spend them on advertising, so users can buy more ads with tokens than usually they could with regular currencies.

Bringing together advertisers and administrators from different countries around the world in one place offers truly impressive opportunities for both sides, and settlement in TON Crystal allows you to make cross-border payments without the usual complexities of currency conversion and bank transfer fees. 

The development of FreeTON and TON Crystal in Telegram is a vital step in the development of a global advertising community free from linguistic and geopolitical frameworks.


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