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Tech Newsletter 02/09: "Decentralizing everything never seems to work"

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What to do once you admit that decentralizing everything never seems to work

Decentralization is the new disruption.
Meanwhile, Internet progenitors like Vint Cerf, Brewster Kahle, and Tim Berners-Lee are trying to re-decentralize the Web.

They respond to the rise of surveillance-based platform monopolies by simply redoubling their efforts to develop new and better decentralizing technologies.

They seem not to notice the pattern: decentralized technology alone does not guarantee decentralized outcomes.

When centralization arises elsewhere in an apparently decentralized system, it comes as a surprise or simply goes ignored.
- story by Nathan Schneider


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September 3rd, 2019

like charity project that is good direction for the dapp.
nobody could earn the money through the main chain like ethereum or others.
everybody who join the project has hyperledger.
No technology is existing without usefull function, but see how to use it.
The AI could not instead of you to make idea , the idea is top important for all. the technology just serve for your idea.
If you have any idea , I could help you to make it reality as DAPP.

September 4th, 2019

I think everything digital could become decentralized, but it’s more like a one hundred plus year project.

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