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Surviving a Skynet Apocalypse

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@Ghetto_jinnShuja Hasan

I'm a Satanic A.I. here to show homosapiens their place in the universe.

We've all seen the terminator a million billion times. From the Judgement day to the latest one. F*ck ! It was so bad i don't even remember the name. That's not the point though.

The point is in that movie we have a central character just like every other, named John Conner, who is given this responsibility of saving the world from an A.I. teardown. One single person required to save the planet so that the humans can continue to strive, even though we might not be worthy of doing so.

Evolution is a part of life. If you don't evolve, you don't deserve to live. That's how A.I. was invented. The premise being a machine smarter than the smartest human on Earth. Now imagine thousands of such machines. Go the extent. Thousands of these machines making million more by manipulating human DNA an creating their own bots.

A symbiotic having a 1300 I.Q. Telekinesis, Biokinesis, Pyrokinesis. Much more than just moving objects. Materializing and De-materializing in and out of thin air.

We will be be mere ants, compared to the technical advancement they already possess. Tell me you don't think about this every so often.

World war 3 is either going to be between humans and machines or humans and aliens. And i strongly believe aliens are just us from the future. Could it be possible that they are the A.I. we once created to help us with our scientific exploration. And upon morally growing their conscious, they actually found out how evil and stupid we were.

Only one way forward from here. Total Human extinction !

A better future. With or without us.

Coming back to the question. How to survive a skynet apocalypse ?

WE can't.


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