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Watson Discovery is the best-in-class cloud-native insight engine. It is at the forefront of all other cognitive AI-driven cloud services.

It deep dives into the dataset to unlock unprecedented answers. Mainly tuned to understand and oversee the past, existing and future trends along with surfacing the unique patterns obtained from both the niche and liberal data to aid businesses.

Three standout qualities of IBM Watson are, it…

  • Amplifies results
  • Learns domain easily
  • Embodies high-level AI functions applicable to any type of business.

Watson Discovery is two years old now and the team behind Discovery has launched a handful of milestone features to date. Of which, anomaly detection, relevancy training, the semantic match, passage retrieval are some of the noteworthy pieces. Without missing out on the basic enhancements in user experiences, language assistance and deployment support.

Decorticate governing regulations

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Eliminate unwanted governing regulations and measures by implementing Element Classification. Here is a descriptive document by IBM to help you kick-start with its first-of-a-kind Element level Classification. Giving an overview, this will give you deeper insights into sentence-level elements.

Such as…

  • Which party? — whom it belongs to
  • What nature? — type of actions taken and the relevant information
  • Which category? — domain specific class

This enhanced feature utilizes trained and tested model for procurement contracts and financial services regulations.

Experimental UI

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If you want to visualize the data inside your insight engine, Visual Insights is the way to do it. Visual Insights will group all the data into connections by leveraging the power of Watson Discovery’s understanding of data.

The connections revolve around elements that are logical actualities such as relationships, concepts, locations, organizations, and more.

You can explore the dataset or document from the graphical representation or via the separate entities given in the form of tag-cloud view. In case if you lack a dataset, check out IBM’ news collection.

More about IBM Watson’s — Discovery in the next article.



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