Super Tag is Here! Learn Anything About Any Technology by@xthecapx
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Super Tag is Here! Learn Anything About Any Technology

July 2nd 2021
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by @xthecapx 343 reads
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Have you ever thought about what happens to those old articles that get lost in time?. At Hackernoon, we're happy to announce our new super-tag tool that will help you find stories and "Learn Anything About Any Technology."

The application consists of three main sections: The word cloud, the tag chips, and the stories results.

The tag chips

The tag chips

The tag chips

This section shows the information about the current tag selection. You can add new tags by clicking on the word cloud. If you want to remove one tag from your query, just click on the chip itself.

The word cloud

The word cloud

The word cloud

This is your best friend to discover new stories. If you don't find exciting tags to click, you can refresh the page to get new ones.

At this point, I know that you're curious about what is the magic behind the tag generator, so let me try to explain the process.

The process includes two steps. In the first step, we sort the tags by the number of stories, and we generate 3 random numbers to split the list. As a result of this step, we pick the first 4 tags of each list.

In the second step, we search the stories with the most reactions, take their tags, and assign an accumulative score of the total number of reactions to each tag.

Plus, after your first click, we will repopulate the cloud with tags related to your query.

If everything goes well, we are ready to show you the first version of the tag cloud, and after a couple of clicks, you will find a single article. Hence, the word cloud will be removed, and you can enjoy your finding!.

It's magical! It's super-tag!.

The story results

The story results

The story results

On this section you will find all the stories (9 stories at a time) with a convenient pagination system. If your query results in 9 articles, the pagination system will disappear. Finally, after you find a single story, the layout will change to a single full-size view.

We want to hear you

We're looking for feedback about this tool. Please share with us your experience and your findings. Other people could be interested in that valuable story you found! Happy hunting!


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