Successful Listing Tactics for New DeFi Projects and NFT tokens by@ILIA

Successful Listing Tactics for New DeFi Projects and NFT tokens

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As DeFi projects seek better, fairer, and more decentralized means of fundraising for project development, the Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDO) has become a viable alternative in the crypto sphere. Modern IDOs simply see the project’s token issued on decentralized exchanges (DEX) or automated market makers (AMMs). 

Now the question is which DEX is the best to list your token at?

It is not surprising that one of the most popular choices these days is Uniswap. Many projects by default navigate towards it and at first glance, it may seem an intuitive and logical choice.

But… is it really? 

Let’s acknowledge that it’s extremely difficult for small or new projects with limited resources to gain prominence on big DEXs like Uniswap.

At Plasma.Finance, we recognize the challenges that projects face when launching or fundraising, especially on popular platforms where visibility, transparency, convenience, and user focus have multiple shortcomings. 

What if we could prove that there is a better way both for you as a project and for your token traders/holders?

As some of you already know, our vision is to make DeFi accessible for all and everything we build serves that purpose. In light of this, we have designed a special offering to new projects wishing to introduce their own DeFi tokens to the market, with additional features and support to help ensure they maximize exposure and provide user incentives for the long-term growth and satisfaction of their communities.

You’re probably thinking now: why should you, as a new project, choose us instead of more popular decentralized exchanges? 

Here are just some of the reasons new DeFi token listings will get more traction at Plasma.Finance and PlasmaSwap.

Superior Visibility

While it’s accepted that the biggest volumes of trading take place on UniSwap and SushiSwap, among others, the concession you have to make there is the chance that you simply won’t be seen if you launch there. To stand out from the competition, especially on those platforms where you can’t showcase your token or project information, you need to spend a lot of resources to push a pool high on the list or pump your own liquidity or give out unsustainable incentive programs.

To explain this, let’s take an analogy from a different sphere. Look at Amazon, for example. That platform, just like Uniswap, is the most well-known and has a huge user base. If you were a writer selling your book, Amazon would probably be your choice as the biggest e-book marketplace, right? 

But the fact that millions of people buy books on Amazon does not mean that by putting it there, you’ll organically gain new readers. What it means is that your book will be drawn among the thousands of titles released every day.

It’s the same thing with token listings on DEXs. Just because Uniswap has the largest user base does not mean that those users would buy your token simply because it’s listed there.

What you, as a new project, need is high visibility. And for that, you’d want to choose a more targeted, focused platform, to get seen by more people and improve your chances of success.

As you can see below, listing your token on PlasmaSwap at launch would be a better bet. 

  1. Be a pioneer on Plasma. Instead of getting lost among the hundreds of tokens on UniSwap, why not choose to gain more visibility on a platform where you can be among the first to pioneer a launch on PlasmaSwap? Furthermore, PlasmaFinance is also geared towards professional DeFi traders and institutional investors. This means that, in addition to retail users, you’re potentially looking at -- and being looked at by -- more serious investors.
  2. Get seen on other platforms. With Plasma.Finance’s aggregated liquidity sources, as soon as your token is listed, you will immediately be visible and tradable on any DEX aggregation protocols like 1inch, Matcha, Zerion, and Zapper.
  3. Enjoy institutional co-marketing and global PR efforts. At Plasma.Finance, we’re pleased to be working with some of the biggest names in the DeFi space and regularly leverage each other’s influence in the media and on socials. When we get exposure, you get exposure too.

Better Transparency

DEXs have shown us that it’s possible to improve on centralized trading practices. However, because anyone and any token can appear on most DEXs, including scam tokens, it can be easy to get lost and mistakenly swap coins deliberately made to look like yours.

It’s clear now that users and DeFi investors crave transparency and see it as a measure of reputation and trustworthiness, criteria that directly impacts their willingness to open their wallets.

When you get on Plasma.Finance, you enjoy unique features aimed to improve DeFi transparency, thereby proving to your community they can trust you more and increase the likelihood of attracting more investors.

Token page. Forget the empty token pages of UniSwap. When you launch on Plasma.Finance, you get your very own token page, complete with all the information you want to provide about your project. 


Token list. You will appear on our whitelist, proving that you have passed our requirements for what we deem to be a good project, and proving that your contracts are audited to be secure and safe for your users.

Decentralized Market page. You and your users can review all trading data from decentralized sources: PlasmaSwap, decentralized price oracles, and all DeFi products related to your token in one place all without seeing fake volume and malicious price manipulation.



DEXs have taken years to gain prominence thanks to technical shortcomings that mean they are generally perceived as more difficult to use and less convenient to access than centralized exchanges. Choosing to launch on a typical DEX can lose you potential customers who may, for example, prefer to buy their tokens with fiat, or who prefer the comforts of centralized exchanges.

This can be even more important to B2C projects whose audiences could include non-crypto users -- if you want to attract them to invest in crypto, then you should really consider making it easier, not harder, for them to do so.

When you choose Plasma.Finance and PlasmaSwap, you choose the best of both worlds for your users: independence and financial freedom, and convenience to use alternatives they are more familiar with.

Fiat on-ramp. When you list your token with us, users can purchase it immediately and directly with Mastercard, Visa, and bank wire in over 53 countries and counting. The same freedom applies when they want to sell, should they choose to do so. No more going to look for ETH or another crypto elsewhere just to participate in a token sale.


This also means that if your project marketing is targeting non-crypto users you will be able to skip the uphill battle of educating them about cryptocurrencies and bypassing their barriers to entry.

Market and limit orders. For the first time on a DEX, PlasmaSwap allows for market and limit order functions that you would normally only find on a CEX. With stop loss and take profit functions, users can determine precise entry and exit points for automated DEX swapping. No more manual trade inconvenience on PlasmaSwap.


This can be especially useful for your potential token buyers who will want to be able to control/reduce the level of risks based on their risk appetite. The ability to set a precise entry point could make them more inclined to “try a new token”.

Portfolio management. Forget asking users to open many tabs and connect their wallets to multiple protocols. With Plasma.Finance, your users’ entire DeFi portfolio from all pools and protocols in one place. Adjust, move, open, close positions all from one dashboard. They will love you for this. 🚀


User Empowerment

Those who have flocked to DEXs from CEXs did so because they were attracted to the freedoms and independence promised by decentralized finance. And many continue to enjoy the benefits of direct crypto trading and DeFi without intermediaries.

Yet DEXs have been painfully limited in their implementations, with scalability issues costing users high fees and the lack of interoperability restricting the way they can navigate around the DeFi ecosystem.

Plasma.Finance features directly address these limitations, empowering users with incentives, more control, and more optimizations. List with us and give your users the same empowerment:

More incentives. Launch trading pools, liquidity mining, and staking pools, on PlasmaSwap just as you would on any other AMM and organize your own contests and rewards programs to enhance your offerings.

Advanced DEX trading and arbitrage tools. Unique DEX tools for the power user for cheaper, faster, simpler DeFi interactions across any supported pools and protocols:

  • Gas Station: allow your users to interact with your coin (trade, transfer, swap)  without having an Ethereum balance! 
  • Zero-fee with PlasmaDLT: swap instantly without any fees
  • Flash Rebalancer: Migrate liquidity in 1 step, not 4!
  • Vault: built-in multisig wallet for institutional players. Trade any tokens and provide liquidity without approving token contracts.
  • Analytics: on-chain analytics dashboard with trading signals for pro traders.

Uniswap and other DEXs are not going anywhere - but why not choose the DEX where you’ll have higher chances for success?


Stand above the crowd with Plasma.Finance and give your DeFi project the visibility it deserves and the transparency it needs. Show users from both crypto and fiat worlds just how easy it is to use and benefit from your token while empowering them with the tools to maximize their DeFi opportunities.

To mark Launchpad’s introduction, our first five Launchpad partners will enjoy AllianceBlock’s Liquidity Mining as a Service (LMaaS) product for free, enabling them to provide pools across an extensive range of AMMs, including the currently supported Binance Smart Chain, Uniswap, and Balancer.

Speak to us now to lock-in the first-mover advantage. 🚀

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