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Lazy Crypto Telegram Questions That Really Grind My Gears

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@BareShyllsBare Shylls

So this one’s been brewing for a while. Every time I step into the Telegram chat of my biggest holdings (such as Te-Food and Matrix AI Network) I have to scroll through endless lazy questions.

We’re all here to learn. Learning is great. Asking great questions is a habit that should be nurtured and encouraged. On the other hand, asking lazy questions because you can’t be arsed to use Google is annoying AF when trying to skim the Telegram chat for useful info.

In no particular order:

“Why aren’t the team trying to get on new exchanges?”, “Why is XYZ shitcoin already listed on Binance and our shitcoin isn’t?” etc.

  • The team has probably applied to all possible exchanges.
  • When applying to be listed on an exchange there will be an NDA in place.
  • If the admin/team announce an exchange ahead of time there’s a high likelihood the listing will be cancelled or postponed.
Much Technology
  • Getting listed on a big exchange during a downtick doesn’t create anywhere near as much price momentum as during a bull run.

“Where can I buy this coin?”

Really, how difficult is it to go to and click ‘markets’? Perhaps the admin in each Telegram chat should pin the following link:

“Why is the price of the coin falling?”

Bonus stupid points for asking this question when the whole market is down.

“What price should I buy at?”, ‘Is this a good entry point?” etc.

So, obviously you want to be trying to get the best price to enter and exit the market. These are good questions to ask yourself when carrying out your research but asking somebody else to just give you the answer is lazy.

Yes Safvan, UBT is at ICO price and is partnered with Microsoft so it’s an excellent entry price (which you would know if you’d bothered to do some research)

Instead of asking such a lazy question, why not try:

  • Do you think we’ll find support at 150 sats or drop below?
  • Is there any fundamental reason/news as to why the price has dropped/increased?
  • Has the price bottomed out or does it still look like it’s got further to go?

“Should I buy ABC Token?”

This is another ‘inside your head’ question that you should ask yourself but not others.

No Kristy, OCN is complete garbage and doesn’t even have a team listed on their website.

Instead try:

  • Does this project have any partners? (ProTip, you can find this one out for yourself).
  • Does the team have a strong background?
  • What is the FUD/negative news around the project and does it have merit?
  • What is the size of the market the team is trying to capture?
  • What are the token economics/how is the coin going to derive its value?
  • What has to happen for this project to succeed and what is the probability of said events/milestones being reached?
  • What would have to happen for the project to completely go under and how likely is this to happen?

Any other stupid/lazy questions that really grind your gears? Am I being too mean? Write in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

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