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Structural Integrity

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@nam-nguyenNam Nguyen

Its the foundation that we build every thing on. The decisions we make needs to be consistent with this foundation. If this does not happen, the core of what we’re building is weakened.

For companies, this foundation is culture. For individuals, this foundation is integrity.

Here are Eexamples of good company culture. O’Reily Media culture says “Produce more value than we extract.” Amazon is “When customers and company’s interest differs, choose customer’s interest.”

Personal integrity can be something along the lines of “Do the right thing (its usually the hard thing).”

At first, having structural integrity may seem like it limits options. Having structure integrity provides direction and shows us how to build up. Structural integrity forces us to find solutions within the confines of what is right. There are many potential solutions to a problem, it is important that we find the right solution.

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