Stop Complaining About Being at Home by@natasha_malpani

Stop Complaining About Being at Home

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You got what you wanted.

You’ve been fetishizing about taking time off to focus on yourself, self-care, #cancellingplans and staying in. You can finally use all those new-age candles you’ve been stocking up on.

So why are you freaked out?

You’re not sure why you feel this insane urge to fill your time or what to do with your now empty calendar, now that social distancing is the new ‘I’m so busy’.

Your social media is filled with people reminiscing about fabulous trips they took last month, given they’re stuck at home. The elderly, at risk, front-line workers and daily-wage earners seem to be strangely quiet, but we’re already remembering the world we once knew.

But wait. It’s not too late. VCs on Twitter are doling out productivity tips about WFH, and your inbox is filling up with recommendations on what books and music and films to consume, so you can continue to distract yourself. Home work-out classes and remedies are on the rise: you already miss your gym instructor and threading lady.

You can handle your co-workers annoyingly glacial decision-making online (thank you, Zoom), but it’s your IRL family that’s getting to you. What do you do when you have to be around your spouse all day- or your kid when they’re forced to learn from you?

When you allow yourself to reflect-in between scrolls- you have to admit, you’re not sure what you’re trying to run away from. What is so scary about being genuinely free- in a house filled with food, running hot water and electricity?

It’s okay to be lonely. Maybe you’re in a long-distance relationship, or away from family. It’s okay to be scared. Maybe you’re at-risk or one of your loved ones is, or you’re worried about not being able to keep your job. Or maybe you’re too close for comfort to your extended family. It’s also okay to fight. Conflict is a form of closeness.

We’re so emotionally and mentally unprepared for what’s going to happen when climate change really hits. This isn’t going to be the last global pandemic we face. What happens when we get to food and water shortages- and even worse- when we lose our WiFi?

Time is a gift. You can use it to look inward, to create, to offer help, to breathe. If you’re reading this, you’re one of the privileged few. Our grandparents were forced to go to war. All that’s being asked of us is to stay at home, wash our hands and not lose our minds. Let’s deal.

Show some kindness: to others, and yourself.


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