Stickers NFTs Sold on Secondary Markets for as High as 50,000 USDT by@raywu

Stickers NFTs Sold on Secondary Markets for as High as 50,000 USDT

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are non-fungible tokens that can be used to create NFTs. The Stickers platform has become a very popular NFT platform when it comes to selling digital artworks. Many of the NFT artworks currently listed on the Stickers marketplace have a specific theme they follow and are built upon. Some of the artworks are also available on the Open NFT marketplace, such as Bee Swap and SOVI Finance. Currently, there are only 6 artworks on the whole platform for both of their projects which are Bee Swap.
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The idea behind the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) was to provide an opportunity to people who have something unique which they have developed and want to make it their intellectual property over the blockchain network, so an NFT is generated for that thing either digital or physical and the right of the owner is provided to that person.

Stickers platform has become a very popular NFT platform when it comes to selling digital artwork NFTs. The platform provides a range of digital artworks and accelerator cards that can be used over the platform. The digital artwork sold through the Stickers platform can be minted by the users if they have earned Tinders. Many of the NFT artworks currently listed on the Stickers platform have a specific theme they follow and are built upon. The idea was to bring the imagination to reality in the form of digital artwork and when combined with NFTs, their value and ownership get doubled.

Following are the Stickers NFTs which are available on the Stickers marketplace:

Vision ETH:

Vision ETH is a very well thought artwork and in reality, it matches with the ‘Vision’ character in Marvel. The artwork shows the ETH as the stone which was fixed in Vision’s forehead which was later removed by Thanos. The artwork is completely on point and relative. Only 2 NFTs are minted till now and 8 more NFTs are available for this artwork. If you want to mint this artwork, you can start right now if you have already earned Tinders.

Iron Mars Doge:

This one is our favourite one as this artwork broke all records over the Stickers marketplace. The artwork was based on the concept of the sudden price hike of DogeCoin and Elon Musk’s involvement with it. As many people call Elon Musk the “Iron Man” of real-world, the artwork was made to depict how he sent DogeCoin so high to the heights of Mars. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to mint any NFTs for this artwork as it has already been sold out.

Bit Thanos:

Bit Thanos is a funny artwork, at least it looks like it as it is based on Marvel’s villain character Thanos who wiped out half of the human race from existence. Similarly, the artwork shows the power of Bitcoin and how its fluctuations affect the whole market. Currently, only 4 NFTs of this artwork have been minted and 6 NFTs are still available.

Golden Hawk-BNB:

Golden Hawk-BNB is a very unique artwork as it depicts the friendship of BNB with the crypto market. The idea comes from the two characters from Marvel, Hawkeye and Black Widow, as both were very good friends, and the Golden Hawk-BNB shows the durability and strength of the market. Currently, no NFT has minted for this artwork as it was recently listed on the Stickers marketplace, 10 NFTs are available for being minted.

Open NFT Secondary Market

There are many secondary markets for NFTs, Open NFT is one of them. The marketplace of Open NFT is not that diverse as it should be.

Currently, there are only 6 Artworks available on the whole platform for both of their projects which are Bee Swap and SOVI Finance. Currently, all the available artworks are from SOVI Finance and there is no artwork available for Bee Swap. The artworks they are selling cost somewhere between $50 - $90 and in terms of the quality of artworks, there are much better and unique artworks available out there. Some of the Stickers NFTs are also listed on the Open NFT platform, NFTs such as Iron Mars Doge, Bit Thanos, Vision ETH, and Golden Hawk-BNB.

The OpenNFT secondary market was built on top of the concept of reselling rare items. As an NFT is sold at the primary market, if the buyer decides to sell it on the secondary market, it could be sold at much higher prices given the rarity of that NFT for which the buyer could even pay three times more. That is what is currently happening at the OpenNFT secondary marketplace in terms of Stickers NFTs. This helps both buyers and sellers make a profit regardless of how many times it has been bought or sold. Each time an NFT is sold, its price increases as the demands are being increased for that specific product.

Value of Stickers NFT on Secondary Market

Currently, Stickers NFTs are being sold only through the Stickers Genesis platform as Open NFT has not yet listed any artworks on their platform. The value is a bit difficult to identify as time goes by, the real value of the NFT will be determined through the level of how rare it is. It is the very best time to mint Stickers NFTs as it is going to be very beneficial for the people who mint them at the right time.

Users can mint NFTs if they have earned any Tinders, to earn Tinders, users will have to lock the SKS tokens in dedicated liquidity pools. Users can also use Tinders to earn accelerator cards and the more tinder they have, the better chances there are to unlock Rare Accelerator cards which can be used on any secondary market such as Open NFT. Right now, the market saturation for people who are interested in NFTs is very low and if you mint now, you’ll be able to reap its benefits in the near future.

Stickers NFTs listed on Secondary NFT Market have different price dynamics as on the Stickers platform, these NFTs can be minted differently, but on secondary markets, their price is directly listed for the ease of buyers. Following are the Stickers NFTs with prices that are currently listed on secondary markets:

1. Vision ETH – Selling Price – 9000 USDT - 18000 USDT

2. Bit Thanos – Selling Price – 2000 USDT - 50000 USDT

3. Iron Mars Doge – Selling Price – 2000 USDT - 30000 USDT (SOLD OUT)

By seeing these price figures, we could instantly see that there is a huge difference in prices. Of course, the prices of primary and secondary markets vary as the NFT which is sold from a Primary market is sold at a much higher rate in the secondary market. It helps in making the NFTs rarer and more due to this the secondary markets have grown a lot over the past few months. Stickers NFTs value on the secondary markets has increased dramatically as they are being resold in the secondary market at a much higher price. For instance, the Iron Mars Doge artwork was originally sold at 15,000 USDT at the Stickers platform and now it's being sold at even 30,000 USDT at the OpenNFT Secondary marketplace.

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