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Steve Job’s Top 7 Rules For Success

Steve Job’s Top 7 Rules For Success: Be Passionate in everything you do. Money is not the most important commodities on this planet, it is not even close to being happy with money. Don’t be limited in life, you were only ever limited by your own beliefs. Be passionate in what you are doing, the task becomes inherently easier to complete. Be passionate about what you were doing, you might as well not do it. Be careful not to be limited by what you think or what people think.
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Joey Tawadrous

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I would like to talk about a very famous person, Steve Jobs.

This person started his own company in his mums garage. He worked tirelessly on this companies product, losing sleep & damaging his health however what he created with co-founder Steve Wozniak changed the world forever.

Steve was one of the most influential people of our time. Having created one of the most revolutionary products in history, the iPhone, Steve has certainly left behind an impressive legacy. This man will never be forgotten.

Why Steve’s products will live on for a very long time, I believe he has left behind something else. Something else far more important than physical products.

Through Steve’s unimaginable work ethic, he has taught us so many important life and business lessons, the likes of which I will go through.

In recent times, I have found an unsatisfiable thirst for getting things done and making progress, largely as a cause of what Steve Jobs has taught me. I will go through some of the most important topics of his teachings that have most resounded with me.

It is my hope that these lessons will propel you towards a fruitful future.

Don’t Be Limited In Life

Sometimes it can be difficult to reach your full potential. We are often obstructed in every day life in a number of ways. People tell us we can do this then we can do that. Society tries to limit us. The law sometimes does not do its job, and corruption is left to run free.

Often, these kinds of things are out of our control. We cannot control what other people think. We cannot always control or predict how and if the law will be on our side if we have done nothing wrong.

But what we can control, is the way in which we think, And the way in which we react to how the world revolves around us.

Do good for yourself and for others by making positive changes all around you.

No matter what anyone ever tells you, you do not have to listen. It does not matter what they think or what they do, what matters is what you do. You were only ever limited by your own beliefs. It is your actions that dictate how you live your life.

Forget what everyone tells you and just go with the flow of your own instinct.

Be Passionate In Everything You Do

One thing in this world that will always remain constant, is the fact that no matter what you’re doing, if you’re not passionate about that which you are doing, you might as well not do it.

You must always of passion in everything you do. The more passion you have for a task, the more fruitful will be the results.

We have seen time and time again that those that have the most passion for their work are the ones that become the most successful. Barack Obama. Michael Jackson. Arnold Schwarzenegger. And of course, Steve Jobs.

We must also remember that if you are passionate in what you were doing, the task becomes inherently easier to complete.

Money Is Not Everything

While money is one of the most important commodities on this planet, it is definitely not the most important, not even close.

Family, friendship, health, happiness.

We should all strive to live comfortable & happy lives. For some of us this means having several kids. Owning a brand-new BMW. Having toned abs. While some of our goals and aspirations do require access to money, we must not forget that the money is simply a means to an end and it is not really the money that is making us happy.

If we were to take away the money, or have access to minimal amounts of money, I bet you that the strongest of us will still find a way to be happy anyway.

You see, where all different and we all want to achieve different things. There is always a way to get to where we want to be on our own backs and through our own efforts.

Lots of money can be helpful in getting somewhere quickly, but the real task and the real award is going there on your own.

Don’t Play Any Gimmicks

There are so many amazing and successful products and services in today’s market. However, there are also many terrible products and services. Nonetheless, many of these poor offerings are doing well and today is market.

Even though these products may not be very useful or very good at what they do, is the way in which they are sold that is the defining their success. Some of these products are being sold by some of the best salespeople in the world.

However it must be noted that their success will be short lived. Eventually the fact of a new product or service that is not actually very good will die down. Word will get out that it is not very good, new users will be deterred from signing up an existing users will leave.

Don’t ever fall into this loop of of short-term success.

Build An Amazing Product

Your product is your baby. When you welcome new born into your family you take care of it as best as you can, as best as possible. Your product should be no different. Steve advocated this.

Steve was an absolute menace when it came to the finer details of his products. No matter how small or unimportant some aspect of a product may seem to many of us, Steve could most certainly have an entirely different opinion.

And we love him for that. Steve’s attention to detail was 2nd to none. It was his attention to the finer details that allowed him to create so many beautiful, amazing and wonderful products.

Some of the most elegantly designed material master pieces on this planet have been in visioned and constructed as a result of the ideas that he had in his own mind.

When you’re working approach of your own be sure to make sure that before you have shipped it to customers. that you have done your very best. We all talk about minimal viable product’s and that’s great. But we must never forget that to do something half assed is a complete waste of our time.

Build A Great Team

It is the average of your three best friends. Does that sound familiar to you. Of course it does. I am of course talking about your personality.

While many of us are freethinkers and strong independent people, it is impossible to ignore the fact that our friends, our closest friends, do you have a measurable impact on our life.

The family that you grow up with often determines the type of person you will become. In the same way, the people you spend the most time with will also dictate the type of person you are and will become in the future.

Be strong. Be vigilant. Be useful and un-corruptible. Doors are some important rules to live by.

But at the end of the day, you must also make sure that you are only ever spending your most precious resource, your time, with the people you truly love and respect.

Be Forever Focused

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand or to find out what is actually the most important task that we should be doing. However there are many ways that we can find out what is the most important task activity.

We should always have a list of at least our three most important tasks or goals. Short-term, medium term, long-term.

We should constantly be revising this list. Adding to this list. Removing from this list. Never content that but we had decided weeks or month ago is still the most important for us.

As life goes on, our goals and aspirations, commitments and hobbies change. We must forever be adapting to what we know we need to do.

So what point did you find the most important? I’m sure that for each and everyone of us, different points will mean entirely different things to us.

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