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Steps to Become a Front-end Developer

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This article will help you to start a path to front-end development. In the last 10 year’s I didn’t pay any attention about programming and the way websites built. About 2 years ago, I started to spend more than 12 hours every day working as a remote tester for several platforms.

Every time I had a new website or application to test for bug’s or UI/UX or even usability studies, I was surprised by the number of common mistakes that have been made in building these website’s and applications and that forced me to enter the beautiful world of programming. 

After searching for a while I understand that every web developer must know at least the basics of HTML and CSS  so I downloaded a text editor and start playing around but I figured this will not a benefit for me at all so I participated in some courses to learn them professionally.

Where  I started

So at first, I joined Codecademy it was a great place to start with a lot of free courses that will teach you the basics for almost everything in web and app development.

Then, after I learned the basics of HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT I start to discover another website to enhance my experience because as I said in the free subscription you can just learn the basics so here are other websites that everyone should check before starting a new bath in web development or programming: 

1- Freecodecamp this website is fantastic it will give you access to a lot of programming courses with certifications for everything you completed and it’s all free.

2- Codepen this website gives you access to examples of HTML and CSS codes and tricks and so many other languages and live examples how to use them and the most amazing thing is the live editor that you can use for any language.

Here where I mastered  HTML and CSS:

1- W3schools this website will help you to master HTML and CSS, They have a well structured and detailed way for every detail in this area.

2- CSS Tricks and this one will help you with some useful tricks in CSS especially in Flexbox and Grid design.

How to learn 

After struggling for a while as a self-taught developer I found the best way to learn is having a partner or a team, this way you’ll always be motivated, and whenever you have a problem you’ll find somebody to help you with it.

At this point, I joined Microverse a beautiful platform with amazing people and a supportive community that will help you achieve mastery in your life professionally and personally, If you have the time and know at least the basics of coding and you can be support your self financially for at least 6 months I recommended you to check it out. 


For me personally, I am always happy when I drowned in coding and I like to be challenged so whenever I face a problem I find a solution.

This is the life of the developer; it’s challenging and hard but if you like it you will be the best in this field because everything you build is like a reward for yourself.


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