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Startup is not for everyone


Startup is a fantasy word these days. And why not after all there are so many self made billionaires who started at the backyard or garage.

A good idea, great execution, best hired talent, reaching out customers etc is so obvious and something that every entrepreneur or wannapreneur is well aware of.

But there are some basic human traits that are of utmost importance to start a new venture.

Let me quickly take you through the qualities required to begin a startup.


You need to be courageous enough to sacrifice your luxury and fulfill only basic needs. You should be brave enough to leave your job at the right time or leave a city for better suited one and many more.

Not only while staying, courage is always handy while sailing such a boat in windy sea.

E.g you may experience a dilemma where you need to choose between your co-founder and investor.

You may need to decide upon various conflicts between the team.

You may need to convince people to pivot your startup.

And many more.

Let me make it simple

If you have ever bunked your school college or even home for a late night party and successfully got way with it.

Yes, you can think of starting a new venture.

Go getter attitude

No matter what when you are sailing a boat you must do something to reach destination. You should always think of getting things done.

There can be many solutions to problems, being the captain of boat you need to identify your key resources, aspects and environment.

You must motivate team for solutions and make them feel like one single entity, i.e your venture.


If you have ever led a team in any sport and motivated your mates to win a difficult chase.

Yes, you can think of it.

Priority sense

Being a captain you must know what is important.

While in windy sea, running your boat rev hard and get our of the storm is most important than steering towards right direction.

You can always approach right direction later.

Many a times product managers or CEOs get influenced by the customers or external competition.

Like if competition launched a cool feature or a client asks for a new feature, that doesn’t always mean it’s a no. 1 priority thing.

You should always follow your intellect and should not get influenced by others(easily)


Have you ever skipped studying before an exam just because your friend is not well and you accompanied him to the hospital.

Well then u can start a successful startup.

Team work and appreciation

While running a venture each and every one involved is important for the success.

If you are on commanding position that doesn’t mean others are just labourers. You must form a solid and motivated team.

Hire motivated people, arrange team building activities and above all appreciate people who are doing good.


As a school captain if you have ever gave your man of the match award to your best performing player in the team. That means you are a good leader and can lead people for a big motive.

Moreover as a founder you need to be selfless and always put your team first.

When you put your team first, they trust you, they will work for extra hours and will always put the venture first.

And that is what you need from an extraordinary startup team.

There are lot more things, but I find these three as very basic and mandatory.

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