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Startup Disrupt: Positive Disruption of Society and the Commercial Sphere

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@startupdisruptPatrik Juranek

Startup Disrupt has become a part of the Czech startup world. This platform for startups aims to educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs, startups, mentors, technology innovators as well as investors and corporations not only in the Czech Republic but also within the startup communities around the world. This initiative has been launched by Patrik Juránek who already built a chapters for global startup communities in past.
From events to startup shows - everyone chooses the pick’n’mix of activities that suits them and their background
Since 2016, the Startup Disrupt team has organized over 50 startup events with more than 95 speakers and more than 5,000 attendees. Building on this amazing success, Startup Disrupt will bring a lot of new exciting things. Beyond the classic fireside chat interviews and panel discussions, during these pandemic days especially, we’re pioneering large-scale events of primarily online streams on current topics, but you can also look forward to conferences in virtual reality, mentoring programs, workshops, networking events, Female Leaders meetings, innovative activities for corporations, networking with investors, and even our very own startup TV show (yes, you read that right).
Disruption in the title, help to success in reality
Patrik Juránek tells us why ‘disruption’ is the central theme of this new initiative: “We want to connect talented individuals, mentors, companies, organize events for them and create space for them development and direct them towards success. We support innovation and disruption is the only way to effectively innovate and evolve as a society. We see disruption as a facilitator of a better future. If the status quo is not working (and it often isn’t), it needs to be challenged, disrupted, and improved; or sometimes you simply create a new system from scratch which didn’t even exist before, and new technologies especially are helping to facilitate this.”
A vision for the future? House with three pillars.
Startup Disrupt is one of the three pillars of Innovation Disrupt House (IDH). The remaining pillars are Education and the state, (here named ‘Government’. IDH, the brainchild of Patrik Juránek and Sara Boutall originated in order to disrupt and diversify the process of disruption, and to give our initiative a multidisciplinary approach, not just focusing on the startup scene.
"Thanks to IDH we want to ensure that the huge talent of the Czech Republic (including expats) don’t lose and get lost in the dynamic market. Specifically, it means that through IDH everyone can connect to a network of contacts from startups, education or government and get from point A to point B quickly and effectively and not get lost in the complex web of our dynamic society; regardless of whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur, a minister, an investor, or a university professor. Everything and everyone in one place, under one roof of IDH, where key innovators and partners are centralized” says Patrik Juránek, founder of Startup Disrupt.
The big plan of Startup Disrupt and IDH is also to transfer this model beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and help not only startups but also education and government institutions on a global level to effectively disrupt and scale through innovation.
More info about our activities you can find on websites https://www.startupdisrupt.com/ and https://www.idhouse.cz/


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