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Starting Your Own Venture? Find A Niche!

We are in 2017. The internet is ~25 years old. The smartphone is 10 years old.

Want to start a venture of your own? Find a niche.

Watch this inspiring 58 seconds video and learn more:

If you prefer to read instead of watching a video, read this interview:

Capital Efficient Entrepreneurship from Arizona: Heidi Jannenga, Co-Founder of WebPT

We also had Heidi as a guest at our roundtable. Here is the video of that session:

Come talk to me to brainstorm, strategize, tackle roadblocks, weigh your options.

Looking For Some Hands-On Advice?

For entrepreneurs who want to discuss their specific businesses with me, I’m very happy to assess your situation during my free online 1Mby1M Roundtables, held almost every Thursday.

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