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StackOS: Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure

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CEO of Koinos Group, creators of the Koinos blockchain

In today's episode of the Koinos Group podcast, I interview Vishnu Korde, the CEO and Chief Architect of StackOS an open protocol that allows people to contribute computing resources to a decentralized cloud that developers can use to deploy any full-stack application, decentralized app, blockchain testnet and mainnet node.

Vishnu originally trained as mechanical engineer before getting not one, but two Masters degrees, one in International Business from Hult, and the other in Strategic Management from Harvard.

From Nuclear to Cloud

Prior to getting involved with software development, Vishnu built a cryogenic engine (for which he received a patent) that was designed and tested for use in nuclear facilities. It was during this project that Vishnu discovered his interest in software development. Ultimately he wound up in the cloud industry helping to migrate other industries from the data-centers to cloud environments.

While he was working in cloud, he began his first venture Integro which was a learning management system that would reward people with micro-scholarships. But Vishnu saw it as a problem that this was all built on top of centralized infrastructure. As an expert in cloud infrastructure, he set about building a decentralized infrastructure layer that could be used by Integro.

Decentralized Infrastructure

According to Vishnu, it was actually one of his advisers, Fabio Canesin, who first recognized the potential of that decentralized infrastructure layer as a standalone product. While there are a great many decentralized protocols, it is widely known that most of the infrastructure on top of which these networks are running belongs to a tiny number of companies, with Amazon absolutely dominating the space.

Anonymous Decentralized Deployment

That's why the goal behind StackOS is to enable anyone to offer compute resources to the decentralized cloud that any developer, anywhere in the world, can use to to seamlessly and anonymously deploy applications on to.

Necessity: The Mother of Innovation

What I like the most about StackOS is how it arose out of necessity. Vishnu's team encountered a problem when trying to build a decentralized product and so they set about solving that problem.

As always, we cover a ton of ground in this podcast, and Vishnu was kind enough to give us a surprise announcement toward the end, so definitely check out the video linked above.

To learn more about StackOS go to stackos.io and follow them on twitter @DeployOnStackOS

To learn more about Koinos, go to koinos.io


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