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There is no denying that the population of aspiring entrepreneurs is growing drastically especially in this 21st century. Every one wishes to have their own startup regardless of the odds. There is somewhat of a peer pressure in the tech community to “start your own thing.”

Entrepreneurship is in high demand because people are fed up with the way we’ve been working for the last 75 years. We’ve created economies in which we expect someone else to create opportunities. And most especially, lower barrier of entry. But this barrier of entry has no effect on the odds. Today, 80% of startups die yearly and 42% of startups fail due to lack of market need for the product. In other word, a shitty value proposition.

This is the enemy.

Value proposition is the heart of your strategy, as well as your sales.

A Value proposition is the primary reason why a prospect should buy from you. It tells your potential customers what you are offering, who it is meant for, how they will benefit, and how you’re different from competitors.

This, in turn, means that although there are a lot of other reasons why startups may fail, a great value proposition reduces those odds for a startup significantly.

How can one improve his value proposition? One simple way is via research, see what the market already has and make the competitor irrelevant. A thorough startup analysis is recommended to increase your chances. How can a new startup owner go about this research with little or no expertise and time?

This gap is the reason StartMode was born. (which is coined from two words: startup and model) aims to increase the chances of startups by helping start-ups to improve value propositions and focus primarily on the components of startup business models as a whole.

StartMode reduces the hassle of startups’ owners going on a goose chase of endless research, by helping to narrow down areas that works better in a business model. We take away the difficult process, and also, the vague and expensive side of hiring a management consultant. We also take away the time span of applying for an incubator to improve your business model.

At StartMode, We have a “you get what you pay for” policy by clearly stating our services in form of packages. This method reduces the vagueness attributed in hiring a consulting firm in terms of results and cost. Our prices were created with a typical bootstrapped startup in mind hence, its predictability and affordability. Our services plans target what is necessary for a startup to survive. There are actionable and a “must have”. Our delivery time spans between 7–14 days. This means more value you get in an incubator but at a shorter time.

Because we are in the business of meeting the needs of a typical bootstrapped startup and we know there are times a quick unbiased point of view will help in the success of a particular decision, we create an out of the box plan called the quickie plan where startups can get quick responses to immediate decisions for $5 per question. No contract, research-backed up insights within 12 hours.

Another service StartMode offers is roadmaps after every results or response in all of our plans.

Making the odds be in your favour means having a great value proposition and this is what can help you with.

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