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SolPunks is a Great Example of How to Build a Thriving NFT Community by@penworth

SolPunks is a Great Example of How to Build a Thriving NFT Community

Olayimika Oyebanji  HackerNoon profile picture

Olayimika Oyebanji

I'm a seasoned blockchain writer and my niches are crypto education, DAO, and NFT.


For years to come, the story of how a small group of Solana pixelated NFT investors built a hugely successful NFT community will continue to inspire others to pursue their dreams in defiance of the naysayers. What is it that makes the SolPunks community so unique? How did an entity without a roadmap become a force to reckon with in the NFT community?

The NFT revolution that had begun as a bubble in the first quarter of 2021 was a cash grab opportunity for many NFT projects, but sadly only a few genuine ones survived when the market bubble began to collapse. In May of that year, SolPunks was discovered by celebrity hodler Nicholas Sakalauskas(Tractor) and were first traded on his Telegram channel, The SolPunks Trading Post. But as they began to gain traction in the NFT community, a torrential FUD was unleashed on the SolPunks collection.

In the early days, SolPunks were ridiculed as a ‘copy-cat’ version of Cryptopunks by Twitter trolls and naysayers, and on Solanart, they were described by Solana developers as a ‘parody' of the 10,000 Ethereum-based CryptoPunks in what appeared to be a calculated move to absolve themselves of any guilt in the court of public opinion.

Meanwhile, the growing popularity of SolPunks was said to be the reason why LarvaLabs--the NFT company behind Cryptopunks--was believed to have filled a patent instead of holding SolPunks strictly liable in the court of law.


                                             **(SolPunks despite dip still holding up nice)**

What does this tell us? That SolPunks are Solana’s OG punks distinguishable by the color gradient and the ownership right it confers on holders. In point of fact, the Solana color scheme shows a world of difference between its native punks and those that are found on its competitor’s chain. Besides, each of the 10,000 minted SolPunks has attributes that make them unique according to a  rarity system that is well-defined and easy to comprehend.


                                                          **(The uniquesness of SolPunks)**

Despite the lukewarm support it has received so far from the Solana developers, the SolPunks community has, forging ahead, launched a punk revolution on the Solana blockchain with such derivatives as ArabPunkz and RussianPunkz owing their inspiration to it. Moreover, in late December, the SolPunks council announced that it had closed a 3% royalty deal with Solanart and MagicEden and made clear that the funds will be remitted to its newly formed DAO, the SolPunksDAO.



                                                       **(SolPunks are more than a parody)**

When you hop in on the SolPunks discord server, you can’t help but pay attention to #Gen chat #Salesbot #Announcement # and to the spectrum of colors identifying such roles as Head Aliens, DAO Aliens, DAO Apes, DAO Zombies, Certified SolPunks, SolMods and Server’s Bots.  At the end of the day, you will go home convinced that the SolPunks community is more alive and energetic than ever, and you might also find it tempting to become a certified SolPunk owner.

Owing to a hive of activity it engages in, from Twitter raid to shilling, it is pretty easy to lose track of the discussion threads, and this rather than being a downside is, in fact, a good indication that the members of the SolPunks community are only keystrokes away from one another and that they enjoy a daily routine of hanging out online. There is also an account that tells of how being a moderator on the Solpunks Discord server is a redundant role due to the fact no occasion has ever warranted any of the moderators to step in or caution any erring member.


As a whole, the SolPunks community is thriving because it continued leveraging the efforts of each and every one of its members since the early days when SOL was around $20. With no paid influencers or NFT promoters, it is able to lead the pack of the punk derivatives by way of the unconditional loyalty its members have brought to the cause of sustaining the punk reign on the Solana blockchain, and it is this mindset that has continued to place SolPunks in the top 5-8 NFT collections on Solanart, Solana’s largest NFTmarketplace.

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Olayimika Oyebanji  HackerNoon profile picture
by Olayimika Oyebanji @penworth.I'm a seasoned blockchain writer and my niches are crypto education, DAO, and NFT.
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