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Smart Toilet: Artificial Intelligence In Your Bathroom

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According to Sameer Berry, “Everything these days is connected and smart, but I feel like the bathroom is a very untapped area,”
Oh, no, bathroom?
Yes, everything is becoming really smart and the toilet isn’t going to be left out on this revolution.
Michael Lindenmayer, the smart sanitation and digital health co-lead at the Toilet Board Coalition said; Smart toilets could even yield insights into public health. 
This is an important point because so many kinds of diseases such as urinary tract infections, kidney disease, diabetes, and even cancer hide their marks in urine and feces; that’s a good source to discover so much about human health and help combat disease before they become a disaster. 
And smart toilets are going to change the way diseases are discovered, diagnosed and treated.
Interestingly, smart toilets aren’t just tech gadgets to fantasize about they can actually improve human hygiene and health care in general.
One important advantage of these smart toilets over smartwatches and other wearable health and fitness trackers is the fact that you don’t need to remember to charge them or use them. Everyone will eventually use them. 
A lot of people can be really lazy to go see the doctor from time to time or will hardly have the time to do so if they don’t feel really down in health. But with these toilets, you will almost always get information about your health from time to time. Except you are superhuman, you will definitely use the toilet.
Recently, Google was granted a patent for a smart toilet that would examine and gauge a person’s blood pressure as they sit on it, along with several other health-tracking bathroom fixtures.
Smart toilet innovations are definitely going to be some of the best bathroom innovations that humanity will experience.
Are there already some smart toilets in the market? 
Yes, definitely.  Let’s take a look at some of the best toilet innovations right now.

Best Smart Toilets

A few companies are leading the bathroom innovation with the following products

Kohler Veil

This is an eco-friendly smart toilet that saves water per flush, has a self-cleaning function, uses UV light and electrolyzed water system to sanitize the surface. It uses 0.6 gallons per flush while conventional toilets use between 1.6 to 2.0 gallons per flush. It does not come with a tank but has a direct water supply and a bidet wand. It uses a wall-mounted LCD control panel for a hands-free application.

TOTO Washlet C100 Seat

TOTO Washlet is a less expensive smart toilet seat. Regardless of its low price, it offers a host of features not seen in other models such as a deodorizer and an oscillating stream. It has a convenient arm control panel attached to the seat and so much more.

TOTO Neorest 700H

Would you like to have your toilet open before you get to it? TOTO Neorest 700H does it. It is completely hands-free which improves your toilet experience and hygiene. It incorporates a double cyclone flushing system. It uses a proximity sensor to automatically open the lid and has an automatic flush between 0.8 and 1.0 gallons per flush. Best of all, it is remote controlled

Kohler Numi Intelligent Toilet

This smart toilet comes equipped with LED lights for ambiance lighting and includes a built-in voice assistant (Amazon Alexa) so that you can interact about the weather or have her play your favorite song as you relieve yourself. It is controlled by your voice. It’s really expensive.
Ove Decors Smart Toilet

It has an easy to install tankless design and a futuristic look. It is connected directly to your water supply and has both a manual and an automatic flush. It includes an eco-friendly mode and an energy-saving setting. Its water pressure can be adjusted to five levels and the water temperature to three levels. It can also be controlled using a remote.


The future for bathroom innovation is bright, we are not there yet but it’ll definitely get a lot better in the foreseeable future. A lot of funds are being invested in smart toilets by some of the biggest and smartest companies in the world because of its key role in helping improve human health and help people live healthy and longer.
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@faizan4itFaizan Raza

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I love HN authors, publishing, and talking incessantly about AI, Tech,Startup,Blockchain & etc.


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