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Simple Twitter Search Tricks for Developers

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Hey, guys, there is a huge community of developers on Twitter. So, it's just essential and cool to know some Twitter search tricks. All the search
tricks mention here are amazing and important for you.

Twitter Search Tricks

Particular user tweets:

- Here what will happen is all tweets from iamsrk will be shown when you perform the search. iamsrk is the username.

Tweets from user mentioning someone but excluding retweets:

from:rahxul to:john -RT
-> rahxuls is the username and the second one john too. This will show all the tweets from rahxul to john but not the retweets.

Filter adult content:

developing filter:safe
-> This will filter all the adult content that is with the developing keyword.

Finding a YouTube video: web development youtube.com min_faves:100 -> This will find YouTube video that has keyword web development.

Find retweets:

html min_retweets:10 
-> This will find tweets that have a minimum of 100 retweets and have HTML as a keyword.

Find an image with hashtag:

#CodeNewbie filter:images
-> This will show tweets that have #CodeNewbie hashtag and have an image.

Get the media:

tsunami filter:media 
-> This will show tsunami tweets, having media(photos or videos).

Tweets in a particular language:

#WebDevelopment lang:fr 
-> This will show all the tweets which are tweeted in the french language under #WebDevelopment tag.

Here I'm done showing some amazing tricks for Twitter searches. If you love then let me know!


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