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Should Business Owners be Investing in Facial Recognition?


As a business owner, security is, for sure, one of the most important things you need to have in place. And so you go searching for security companies to offer you the best service. Most security companies today will not only provide you a guard but reinforce that with some technological solutions. These are CCTVs, sensors, electric rails, smart heavy doors, and, most recently, facial recognition for personalized service devices.

But how effective are they?

In this piece, we shall take a detailed look at the pros and cons of using facial recognition cameras. Read on to find out more.

The benefits

Automatic alert system

Having a facial recognition system means a 24-hour surveillance team is on the lookout for any threats. This team is not necessarily humans, but they are bots programmed to trace and match any person’s faces who have had altercations before. Once a match is found, the related authorities are alerted to take action. 

Enhanced security and faster processing

Having this system at your premises gives you peace of mind considering the enhanced security database that cross-checks any perpetrators and alerts you. The system processes danger faster and assess the situation giving you ample time to dodge the bullet of getting robbed.

The cross-checking helps authorities catch the bad guys faster

Let’s say a group of thugs walked into your store, and the system recognizes them from yet another crime, don’t you think this will be a lot of help to the cops? Of course, you will be. Your technology that is linked to their database will prompt them of the lawbreakers, and they will be able to make an arrest.

The threats

Mistaken identity

This facial recognition technology has so many flaws, and one of the major ones is mistaken identities. People may have similar facial features that may lead to the wrong person being arrested or even killed. The whole tech is still being improved, but many people have been incarcerated for crimes they did not commit, which is wrong.

The arrest of reformed thieves

Indeed people can reform and change their habits, but this facial-recognition software may not be aware of such. People may have served time for their mistake a while back, but the system might still pick them as a threat. This here makes such individuals afraid to even visit stores because of the fear of being prosecuted for a crime they did not intend to commit.

Food for thought

Any business owner only wants the best for them and their business, which means that everything and everyone working is kept safe. Facial recognition is an excellent investment, although you have to be very cautious about who it highlights. Just make sure that when an alert is prompted, the one highlighted is the right person. You do not want your business to be the name beside someone’s wrongful death; it will attract unwanted lawsuits and ruin your business. With that said, with freedom comes great responsibility. This new wave of security freedom requires a keen and fair eye.


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