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OTN Guide: how to exchange OTN tokens for OTN coins

Ethereum age for the OTN project has come to its end with the recent blockchain launch. This is now possible thanks to Livecoin Exchange’s testing of the OTN network and, afterward, to list OTN coin - symbol of value within our blockchain. Being traded on exchange is an important factor — that’s how currency price is defined.

When the listing starts, OTN hodlers are welcomed to swap their tokens for coins. Swap rate is 1:1. You don’t need to do anything about the swap, just deposit old tokens. Since depositon to Livecoin addresses is suspended due to the testing, the only way to swap your tokes is to use the OTN wallet.

Go to the wallet → Click on SIGN UP in the bottom. The system will ask you to create a log-in.

After it’s done, you’ll get your generated password. This is a long number, isn’t it? Do not forget to keep it somewhere safe (simple write-down will do) until we present some additional security solutions for the users sake.

Done! Now you can log in the OTN wallet. In the top right corner of your screen there is sign “CONVERT OTNT TO OTN”. Click on it:

You’ll land here. Use this address to deposit your OTN tokens. Conversion to the coins is automatic upon depositing:

Example of address for depositing OTN tokens

You can check all your transactions on the History page.

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