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Selling Online Without Paying Fees — Via Cryptocurrency

How To Sell Something Online And Not Pay Fees

Starting an online business and selling something online without fees is possible. People will often ignore the possibility of doing so and immediately start selling on a platform with high fees. In 2019 there are new solutions and innovations that allow you to sell something online and not pay fees. The key innovation that makes this future a possibility is cryptocurrency. Using blockchain technology for its transactional efficiency enables our zero fee e-commerce platform to exist and thrive. Our online selling solution was built for people looking to avoid fees when they conduct their business.

You can start selling anything for cryptocurrency here:

One of our philosophies at Forra is that your margin belongs to you. We want to help business owners with their company by not forcing excess marketplace, referral, or transactional fees once an item sells.

Selling on is entirely free and is the best way to sell online without fees. You can start selling your items without fees by clicking here.

The Advantage Of Selling Something Without Fees

Selling something without fees is one of the most advantageous ways to grow your online business. Not only do you end up making more on each sale, but you will find yourself growing your business as a whole due to the new sales channel you develop by selling on our online marketplace without Fees. This will also allow you to price your items more competitively, thus bringing you more sales.

People who are worried solely about the price of cryptocurrency are the ones who most likely do not understand the real power some of these blockchains bring to the average person.

eBay, Amazon, Etsy are outrageous with fees

This is a break down of the fees you would pay when you sell on the following platforms.



  • Starter: $4.95/ mo with annual subscription
  • Basic: $21.95/ mo with annual subscription
  • Premium $59.95/ mo with annual subscription
  • Anchor $299.95/ mo with annual subscription
  • Enterprise $299.95/ mo with annual subscription
  • $2,999.95/ mo with annual subscription


  • 50 free per month,
  • Beyond that, the fee for listing in most categories is $0.30

Final Value

  • 6.15%
  • If the account doesn’t meet eBay’s minimum performance standards for the US at the time of sale the final value fee increases from 6.15% to 10.15%

Fees for optional listing upgrades

  • Listing in multiple categories

Payment Processing Fees

  • Paypal’s Premier Account charges an automatic 30 cents right off the bat on any payment plus 3% of the payment. That 3% applies not only to the final sale price of the item, but also to the shipping charges and any other charges (such as sales tax) that they have paid you.


  • With free shipping eBay charges no fee
  • With ADDITIONAL shipping eBay charges a $0.30
  • Shipping is counted toward the total price



  • Professional Seller: $39.99/ mo with an annual subscription
  • A “Professional Seller” has to have at least 35 sales per month
  • Individual Seller: No subscription, seller pays a $0.99 fee per transaction

Referral Fees

  • Referral fees are based on product category. Amazon will charge whichever of these two is higher for each item:
  • Referral Fee as a percentage of sale price. It ranges from 6% to 20% (45% for Amazon devices), but it’s usually 15%.
  • Minimum Referral Fee of $1. Jewelry and watches are the only two categories with a rate of $2.

Selling price$5.99$24.9915% Referral Fee$0.89

Not applied since it’s less than $1


Applied since it’s greater than $1

Minimum Referral Fee$1 applied since it’s greater than $0.89N/A



  • Regular: No subscription
  • Etsy Plus: $20.00/ mo with annual subscription
  • Etsy Plus subscribers have the option to register free “.store” domains and get 50% off select domain extensions like “.com”, “.net”, and “.ca” through a third party provider partner, Hover.
  • You will be charged a listing fee of $0.20 for each item that you list for sale on or Etsy’s mobile apps.
  • You must renew a listing every 4 months

Sales Fees

  • You will be charged a transaction fee of 5% of the price you display for each listing plus the amount you charge for shipping and gift wrapping.

Payment Processing Fees

  • Paypal’s Premier Account charges an automatic 30 cents right off the bat on any payment plus 3% of the payment. That 3% applies not only to the final sale price of the item, but also to the shipping charges and any other charges (such as sales tax) that they have paid you.

Fees Create A Large Issue With Sellers

Fees bottle neck sellers and inhibit them from achieving their full potential. Being an online seller is so much more than listing your items for sale on Ebay, Amazon, etsy, or Forra. Some of the best entrepreneurs in the world start by selling small things online. Part of our mission at Forra is to enable these people to be successful.

As a seller, there are times when selling a specific product online on a platform such as Amazon, or eBay is not feasible or profitable due to the high fees.

Why Selling Online Without Fees Matters

Selling without fees is important for a multitude of reasons. There are many situations where both the seller and consumer are hurt because of the fees. The seller is hurt in an unfair way where they are forced to pay fees on their own sales. Even if someone who sells something online makes a sale themselves on their own site they are forced to pay some sort of processing fee. On Forra, you do not have to pay anything. Your sale and money is yours regardless of where it comes from.

When fees are involved in selling something online most business owners will compensate by slightly raising their prices to negate those fees. When the normal way of doing business is to sell something online without fees the costs of goods goes down and therefore the price should as well. Competition will drive those selling for a higher price to new much lower levels.

When you sell something without fees everyone wins. The consumer will have a cheaper price and the seller will receive more from the sale.

Less fees, more revenue, build a real business

Let’s dive back into why selling online without fees matter as an entrepreneur.

The following example is important to comprehend:

If you sell a $100 item on Amazon you are most likely going to wind up actually making around $88 depending on the category if you ship it yourself. You would make far less If you were to use their fulfillment service Amazon FBA. Amazon FBA charges vary drastically from product to product and have a tendency to increase fairly often.

If you sell a $100 item using Forra you will receive a total of $100 in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Because our ecommerce platform is zero fee we are allowing people to build higher margin businesses. This increase in margin allows business owners to move faster, hire more man power, and live a much richer life.

Pay the least amount of fees selling online

The overarching theme of this blog is how to sell online without paying fees. The only viable solution to do so is our platform, we allow users to sell anything to anyone without paying fees. Our platform uses cryptocurrency to ensure that transactions are as cheap as possible. You can click the link here to sign up, or join our discord to speak to our users as well as the founders.

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