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Selling a product for cryptocurrency the easy way

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@patrickman6Patrick Manfra

Accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for your business, or selling a product for crypto is a great way to earn more cryptocurrency. Business owners interested in cryptocurrency often wonder how they can start accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or even bitcoin cash. Luckily there are a few out of the box solutions to get you started selling an item for crypto.

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The best and easiest way to start selling a product for crypto would be to sell it on Forra. Forra is a marketplace similar to Amazon or eBay. Forra is the simplest way to start selling a product for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin cash, all for free. To get started selling your business’s products for cryptocurrency all you need to do is fill out a simple form.

How to sell a product for cryptocurrency

Selling a product for cryptocurrency is a lot easier than you may think. There are a few great solutions for businesses to start accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as a form of payment. These are a few of the best ways to sell something for cryptocurrency.

  1. Forra — A marketplace similar to eBay and Amazon. Forra is a great way to sell anything for crypto. Selling on Forra costs nothing.
  2. Paybear — A woocommerce and shopify app. If you have your own site and want to sell things for crypto you should look into paybear. Paybear does charge a very small fee to use their service, and it does require you to add some code to your website.
  3. Coinpayments — Great when you have your own ecommerce website. Coinpayments allows you to accept over 900 different cryptocurrencies. They charge a small fee to use their service, and provide various plugins for the most popular ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify, and Woocommerce.

If you need help installing or want to discuss how to sell something for cryptocurrency please join our discord community.

Will I get paid immediately after selling something for cryptocurrency

Once the sale is processed and the buyer sends cryptocurrency for your goods, typically one of two things happen. The crypto is forwarded to an escrow wallet or a direct wallet. The escrow wallet is a feature developed by Forra to ensure safe (safu!) handling of funds.

If you as a buyer, are confident that a service or product is legitimate you can pay a seller directly. Do keep in mind that crypto transactions are nonreversible, so take precaution when purchasing goods without an escrow.

Why you should sell your products for cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency as a whole is a bit of a grassroots movement. People claim that bitcoin is a digital version of gold simply because other people have given it some type of value. One of the best ways to increase the value of any cryptocurrency is to use it as a traditional currency. The number of sales will lead to more transactions on the blockchain, possibly causing the price to increase and introduce more people to the benefits of cryptocurrency.

We put together a few reasons why you should sell your products for cryptocurrency

  1. It will help spread the adoption of cryptocurrency — exposing new people, businesses and products to cryptocurrency is beneficial to the growth of the entire industry
  2. It is cheaper to do business with cryptocurrency — When you accept payments via credit card processors, there is often a large fee associated with the payment; usually around 3%.. Cryptocurrency transactions are typically many times cheaper than credit card processors.
  3. No Chargebacks. Once the funds are in your possession, a buyer cannot cancel the payments.
  4. Your product(s) will be seen by a whole new audience — there are plenty of people looking to spend their cryptocurrency. If you are looking for alternative ways to sell your products, accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment may become a valuable source of revenue for your business.
  5. Collect cryptocurrency while you still can — A lot of vendors start business specifically for earning cryptocurrency. Selling products for cryptocurrency is a great way to add to your personal stash to hodl onto. There are plenty of things laying around that would be perfect products to sell for cryptocurrency. One of the goals of Forra to be the central location for people looking to buy and spend their cryptocurrency on products and goods.

Earning extra cryptocurrency

When you sell a product for crypto you have a lot to benefit and little to lose when you use something such as Forra. Forra’s escrow utilizes stablecoins to ensure you are earnings are protected against the volatility of the crypto markets.You can learn more about how we are using stablecoins to make crypto a valid way to pay for goods here.

One of the main benefits to selling a product for cryptocurrency such as bitcoin is that it allows you to essentially earn the crypto without directly buying it. Selling a product for crypto is a much smoother and less baring way to obtain cryptocurrency. You can sell any product for crypto using our marketplace.

Selling a product for crypto is not hard at all, there are several ways to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment on your site. However, most people who sell online sell in some type of a marketplace environment like Amazon or eBay.

Selling goods and products using a cryptocurrency marketplace

The vast majority of online sellers use marketplaces. Why should it be any different when you selling a product for crypto? Forra exists for sellers. We value your business and are incredibly proud to say that we are the cheapest place to do business online. Sellers benefit from selling their goods for crypto due to its low fees. On top of which, we do not charge any additional marketplace fees. Our goal is to help you sell your items!

We want people to think of us as the crypto version of eBay. A place where anyone can sell their items, products, goods for crypto. In our mind a crypto marketplace needs to be much more than a way to get rid of your items for whatever coin. It needs to be a community effort to share, and introduce new people to the world of cryptocurrency.

When someone tries to sell an item for crypto we think that it is important that a seller does some sort of outreach themselves to ensure the sale.

To wrap things up, We think that selling a product for crypto is a great idea if you want a little bit more crypto to add to your stack.

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