Seamless Story Imports: Bring Your Content to HackerNoon With Ease!by@product
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Seamless Story Imports: Bring Your Content to HackerNoon With Ease!

by HackerNoon Product UpdatesJanuary 22nd, 2024
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HackerNoon has added the ability to import your blog posts from other platforms. This means you can share your content on HackerNoon from any platform. The tool is available on your profile page or Writer Dashboard. You can also import more than one story at once.
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If you're a HackerNoon writer, you may have already discovered a nifty feature that simplifies the sharing of your stories. We're referring to the magic of story importing – a tool that facilitates the seamless transfer of your content directly into the HackerNoon universe from various platforms.

This feature has long been available on HackerNoon, but in case you missed it, let's explore it further!

How to Crosspost Your Blog Posts Onto HackerNoon

If you've published an article on platforms such as RSS, Medium,, or Hashnode, and you wish to republish it on HackerNoon, there are two methods to achieve this:

1. Your Profile Settings Page

Navigate to your profile page, and locate the import tab. Here, you'll find a user-friendly interface inviting you to input your links or usernames from other platforms. After adding the links to your blog posts, click import, and observe your story materialize on HackerNoon’s native editor - this is where you can revise your piece.

Scroll down the story settings panel, and submit your story for review. It should appear on your profile within a few days!

This option is particularly beneficial when looking to import more than one story. If you choose multiple stories to import, they will arrive on your writer dashboard, under the draft section. Open the drafts you wish to edit, and submit your story!

2. Your Writer Dashboard

Prefer a shortcut? No problem. Directly go to your writer dashboard, and select "import story." Simply add your link, and voilà – your content opens in a HackerNoon draft. Submit to officially make your blog post a part of HackerNoon.

With this import feature, there's no reason to keep your content hidden. HackerNoon is all about fostering a vibrant space for diverse voices and perspectives.

This tool ensures that your stories find a warm welcome within our community. Let the cross-platform storytelling journey continue! 🚀✨