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Scrape any web page with a single mouse click …

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@mikeptweetMike Parsons

and optionally export it to the clipboard or Excel, JSON, HTML, Tab or Comma delimited file formats!

In an earlier article, I demonstrated how to scrape any web site with a single SQL select statement.

This turned out to be a popular article so I decided I’d take a different approach that accomplishes a similar task all from within the browser. In my previous article, I used a server side technology (PhantomJS) to do the heavy lifting. In this example, we are going to use a browser bookmarklet to make the task even easier.

Navigate to :

and drag the “Web Page Scraper” link to your browser toolbar:

Then from any web page, click on the Bookmarklet (that is the single mouse click) to scrape the web page.

NOTE: You have to allow popups as the Web Page Scraper uses an external browser window.

You should see something that looks like this:

The Web Page Scraper loads a few default columns but you can choose from a bunch of other columns by right clicking on the column headers:

You can move columns around as well as filter and sort on the columns:

Once you have the data that you need, you can export it in a bunch of formats, including Excel, JSON, HTML, TAB and Comma Delimited. Just right click on the grid to export:

This is a work in progress and you many notice that performance on pages with lots of elements is slow. I’m working on this :-)

Also, I am working on adding a bunch of additional features that will make this utility even more useful. I’ll be posting an article on that soon.

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