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Ruby On Rails: This Reason To Choose ROR For Web Development

Nowadays ROR is most trending and most popular development tools in the market. It is use for back-end development.Why use Ruby on Rails as prevented to other programming languages and platforms?

In ROR : Ruby is language of coding and Rails is one type of framework. Mostly use of ROR to make Chat application. If you are asking most IT professionals what you should use for develop your app chances are the answer will be ROR.

Here we provide you why we can use ROR for your next application development.

1.Less Coding is benefits of it.

Ruby on rails is about writing less code that does more.Representational State Transfer (REST) is biggest advantage and compare to other language, it is too good.

Some ROR principal like CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete), KISAP (keep it simple as possible), and COC (convention over configuration).

2. It can reduce your time of coding

Why developer love Ruby on Rails because of it’s simplifies common tasks when creating any website and application. One other reason is ruby on rails is really simple to use and very less time consuming takes for a developer to create a solution using the language.

3. It’s used in biggest websites.

Github, Basecamp, Shopify, Groupon, Crunchbase, Airbnb, and more.Even Twitter started out on Ruby on Rails. You know biggest advantage of ruby on rails is code of ror interpreted without need any compilation.

4. Rails is based on Agile Development Principles.

In agile software development, task divide in to short parts so easily you can execute. Same method you can use in ruby on rails because it’s based on agile development.

5. Really Easy to test.

Compare to other language ROR is really easy to test, Automated code decrease you testing time.

6. Very large number of free help desk.

Help desk for ROR is totally free. So you can easily use it. fact of ruby on rails is it’s open source programming platform.

7. Main thing It is Free.

Ruby on Rails is that it’s free to use, so if you are startup based solution so you can use it easily and basically licence of any software is really costly. If you are looking for right programming language for your web application, Ruby on rails is on top.

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