Our Marketplace is Lowering the Barriers to NFT Ownership by@rollbit
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Our Marketplace is Lowering the Barriers to NFT Ownership

by RollbitNovember 28th, 2021
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The gas fees for buying or selling NFTs via existing marketplaces can sometimes be even more expensive than the digital token itself. Rollbit’s NFT marketplace allows you to purchase your favourite tokens directly with BTC, ETH, SOL or LTC and holders of our Rollbot NFTs can also earn a share of the profits on a weekly basis.

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Buying, selling and trading your favourite NFTs just got a whole lot easier with Bitcoin, Ethereum Solana and Litecoin!

What if you could avoid the gas fees and purchase your favourite NFTs directly with BTC, ETH, SOL or LTC?

That’s exactly what Rollbit’s NFT marketplace allows you to do!

Gas Fees, Be Gone!

We at Rollbit are avid NFT enthusiasts and investors. We wanted to launch a marketplace that lowers the barriers to owning these digital tokens (as well as share the profits with holders of our Rollbot NFTs!). The gas fees for buying or selling NFTs via existing marketplaces can sometimes be even more expensive than the digital token itself!

By eliminating the gas costs involved in trading NFTs, Rollbit is providing a much better experience for users and reducing the friction found in existing marketplaces. For instance, if you wanted to buy Goon #7803 on Rollbit’s NFT marketplace, it’d cost you exactly $600 and not a penny more!

If you don’t have any funds in your Rollbit account, then you’d need to deposit either BTC, ETH, SOL or LTC. Suppose you deposited ETH (the most expensive option), then the total cost of the NFT would be around $620 since the median gas cost for an Ethereum transaction is currently around $20. However, when using the cheapest deposit options (SOL and LTC), then you’d only end up paying the listed price of the NFT with no additional costs!

Compare this with buying a Goon NFT on OpenSea.

A recent Goons of Balatroon NFT sale is shown below on EtherScan. Since you have to interact with the marketplace’s Ethereum smart contract, which costs a lot more than a simple value transfer, what you actually pay is a lot higher than the listed price. While Goon #7847 was valued at around $434.54 (0.105 ETH), there was an additional cost of $151.62 (0.0366 ETH) to cover the gas fees.

Since buying NFTs on OpenSea could end up costing you a lot more than what it’s actually worth because of the gas fees involved, this means that NFT investors would need greater price appreciation for the item they’ve bought to see a return on their investment.

For those who are not Ethereum experts, getting involved in NFTs via OpenSea can be even more expensive than the example above. Because of the estimation in fees when using MetaMask’s wallet, you can often overpay more than you should in gas. So if you’re new to flipping jpegs or aren’t a sophisticated Ethereum user, Rollbit’s marketplace is the perfect place to buy or sell NFTs.

For those who have already invested in NFTs, then Rollbit is also a better option to make a sale. When it comes to selling NFTs for the first time on OpenSea, you’ll have to pay two separate Ethereum network fees to initialise your wallet. However, on Rollbit all you need to do is deposit your NFT and cover the transaction fee. After depositing to Rollbit, you’ll then be able to list your items in USD and withdraw using your preferred cryptocurrency (from BTC, ETH, SOL or LTC).

NFT Scams Vanquished!

NFT scams are rife on open NFT marketplaces because anyone can list a fake collection or package fake items along with genuine ones in bundles.

To protect our users, Rollbit’s NFT marketplace maintains a whitelist of 165 collections that can be traded on the platform. These are collections that are trusted projects with decent trading volume. We also use our expertise in NFTs and experience in the market to decide which projects to add as well. Some projects in our whitelist include Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, Pudgy Penguins, CryptoPunks, ArtBlocks and much more!

That means we can guarantee you that you’ll always be buying a genuine piece from a verified collection. You can filter by collection on Rollbit’s NFT marketplace and despite only launching a few weeks ago, there are already items from different projects listed for sale.

Rollbot Stakers Earn a Share of the Profits!

Not only does Rollbit’s marketplace make it much easier and cheaper to trade NFTs, but anyone who stakes their Rollbot NFT will earn a share of the marketplace’s profits on a weekly basis! As more NFTs are traded on Rollbit, the earnings from your staked Rollbots will also increase.

Rollbots are utility NFTs that provides you with VIP membership to our casino and trading platform, including profit-sharing from our NFT marketplace (and soon for our casino profits too!). Learn more about Rollbots here!

We have distributed more than $2 million to Rollbot stakers since staking went live on October 28th and average earnings exceeded $80 in the most recent weekly payout. This is just the beginning! We have many more things in the pipeline to improve the features in our marketplace and to drive greater volume.

If you want to earn a share of our marketplace’s profit, then you can buy a Rollbot NFT. Rollbot holders can stake these utility NFTs to earn a share of the profits, which depends on the rarity of the hat trait. Rollbots with rarer hats get more market shares, with 50% of the profits from all NFT sales accruing to all staked Rollbots.

If you want to learn more about Rollbots and stay on top of fresh developments for our gasless NFT marketplace, follow Rollbit on Twitter or join our Discord!